Ranked connection bug marked as defeat

I could not connect to the game, I stayed until the end, the game was marked as a defeat I could not even play it. I did not quit or anything,

I don’t have any internet connection issues

My opponent was from asian servers I guess.


Game #65879272

](bio_mirage's Game – AoE4 World)

Hey @Biomirage—would you mind restating what you experienced? I’m not sure I quite understand how this went down.

For example, these two steps seem like they both can’t be true. I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding :slightly_smiling_face:.

Did you see any error codes?


Sorry, I will try to be more accurate on what happened,
In the game lobby when the count reached 0, the loading screen appeared with no informations (players or civs), something wrong was happening, I chose to stay in the loading screen until I got a pop up message 3 up to 5 minutes later. it was some days ago I can’t remember the wordings :confused: the game you try to join no longer exist I think ?
The game did not crash and 2 minutes later I was on in an other game without any problems.
I am ok to have some connection issues but I was surprised the game to be a defeat.

Yeah I had same experience. After countdown reached 0, loading screen with all players appeared and then I got logged out to menu. So game disconnected me. I have online connections to my work at the same time, they were good, so it’s not an internet issue.

Also lots of custom games fail to start. “Assigning teams” screen lasts forever until 5-10 minutes later I’m the only one who loads into the game.
Network code sucks ;(

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Thank you for the additional context, all. We’ll investigate.

Should this happen again, please contact support with your warnings.log file right after you experience the disconnect/crash.

Appreciate the reports!

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