Ranked disabled until when?

I just came online, thinking my friend and me can play some team ranked 2v2, just to see the ranked is disabled.
Wasnt the patch announced for tomorrow???
Why don’t they patch the game already?
Come on…
A ranked break of 2 or 3 hours would have been understandable, but a day???
What in the hell is taking so long?
Why not let us play NOW until the freaking patch comes???
Is it so hard? It’s a common standard in other games.
Let us play for pre-elo then, if the old season is closed.
This is basically a TWO DAY downtime (european time) for a patch???
Come on…

this happens in other games too.
it shouldn’t take that long.

It shouldn’t but it WILL.
Today is destroyed, tomorrow as well.
I had planned to play with my friend and we came online to see this.
Why wasn’t this announced in a headlhine?
Instead all arcade things were in headlines like map monsters and similar stupid things.

You can play normal games while we wait for ranked to be available again on June 17th. It’s not the end of the world, you are so over reacting to this.


I just played normal.
My friend and me are platinum/diamond and played vs bronzies.
These poor guys got upset about the matchmaking and then ragequit.
That means multiple days no game.

Other games let you play until the patch/server update STARTS.

Why not let you play in your elo at least until season starts?
Without elo change, just let u play in the right elo.

This happens every season. Yes there are small variables like different games before or after patch, but it’s pretty usual?

Its pretty simple play quickmatch. You had 3months to play rank

Creo que es por la copa Ranked que salía promoción a cada rato, que decía que iba a acabar el 18 de Junio… lo que me parecía raro porque según entendía el ranked de la temporada 4 duraba hasta el 14, ya que el 15 era la temporada 5 y un día antes tenían que hacer mantenimiento.

Entonces ahora tiene sentido: La gente que todavía compite en la copa, esta todavía decidiendo “los últimos” puestos de ranked de la anterior temporada, y están jugando con la versión de la temporada 4. Supongo que para no afectar el sistema general, sería después del 18 de Junio que el ranked estaría disponible.
OJO: esta es una especulación.

Bueno, traduzco a inglés:

I think it’s because of the Ranked Cup that has been promoted all the time these last days, which was said that it would end on June 18… which seemed strange to me because as I understood the ranked of Season 4 lasted until the 14th, since the 15th Season 5 began and a day before they had to do maintenance.

So now it makes sense: The people who are still competing in the cup are still deciding “the last” ranked spots from the previous season, and are playing with the Season 4 version. I guess in order not to affect the overall system, it would be after June 18 that ranked of fifth season would be implemented.
NOTE: this is speculation.

That is a problem in itself.
This should NEVER happen.
Just let us play ranked with the old elo rating until the new season starts and either ignore the elo change or use it to influence the placements.
Shouldn’t be so hard.

Thank you for ignoring what I’ve written before.
My mate and me tried playing qm and kept getting matched against enemies who are placed WAY lower, because we never really played unranked before.
That ends in a stomp and frustration/boredom in both teams.
Matching bronzies against diamonds… You serious?
How many matches would we have to play to get our QM rank up enough to be matched against equal oponents?
20 matches? 30?
Until then ranked queue is back.

So → 2-3 days NO MATCH possible
This shouldnt happen for a simple small patch.
The QM is up, so why not ranked? doesn’t make any sense.

Again the milk cow is being kicked ## ### ############# Nice to advertise the game with pro-play and not give a damn about the playerbase, just lock them out lol.
In Germany we say "Der Kunde ist ####### means customer is king.

Reminds me of the release when they had a SUPER early tournament and also streamers and other popular people had early access and could play ranked and practice before the cheap folks would even know about content of the game lol.

This aproach is quite disgusting and quite American honestly…

Before someone brings up the point
“but the poor devs have a small budget and not manpower”
Its M$crosoft who made the rules and SET this small budget for the devs who were busy making their own (failed) game at the time, coh3.
American company who sucks the money out of us and doesn’t deliver.
They don’t care about the state of the game at all and wanna invest the smallest money/effort only.
And the fans/playerbase just suck the pill silently.
Even though I play this game, I still gave it a bad rating after the terrible release and I won’t edit it unless they put MAJOR effort into patching it in short cycles.
Once the game is well rounded I won’t mind just smaller patches and fixes once in a while, but we are WAAAAAAYYYY off the point of the game being well rounded.
It’s still kinda in beta state, compare it to when aoe1 got released. THAT was a full game for full price.

Agree. Go do something else till rank comes back.

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I’m a customer. Am I always right? What happens when we disagree?

This isn’t retail (where the Selfridges version of the quote comes from), or a feudal monarchy where the German one has its roots - apparently with some allusion to peasantry as well? “der Kunde ist ##### - wenn er sich wie ein ##### zu benehmen weiß!” - no?

(I have no idea why “king” in German is being censored)

This is you demanding changes to a video game. You bought the game. You didn’t buy the rights to manage Ranked seasons. You can express your dissatisfaction for sure, but you seem to react really poorly when other people have different opinions. What are you expecting? For everyone to agree?

How do you know this? If the developers came out with a reasonable explanation that explained the short gap between Ranked seasons, would this be acceptable?

Increased communication from the devs is something that a lot of people would appreciate, imo.