Ranked empire wars?

Seem like this modality was very welcomed since the las redbull, its very aggresive keeps the games shorter and very fun to watch, it could be a good thing for future esports for aoe2


Normally i would say: If it has been proven in the lobby, it can be added to the ranked queue. To me it looks like it is not very popular in the lobby.

But EW is something special. The redbull tournaments show that there is some kind of market for these games. Also the devs think there is some market for these games, because they have decided to include EW in Quick play. The current design of quick play is terrible. Therefore i also suggested to add EW (and maybe even Battle royale too) to the ranked queue and just delete quick play from the game.

This is my own thread about this subject.

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Deathmach should be changed to empire wars in the matchmaking. While in the last month 50.000 people play random map and 80.000 team random map, ondly a thousand people play deathmach and another thousand team deathmach.

Probably empire wars would have a lot more influx of people in the mathmaking.


what i like about empire wars is that u can go scouts and catch ur opponent before he is full walled like in a normal match

If your opponent is fully walling before your first trained scout arrives it usually means they nuked their eco to get those walls up. That’s a lot of Idle time so early in the game. Which can be punished by pressure from you. Remember even if you aren’t killing vils, so long as you force Idle time your military is doing the job.

A couple archers to chase vils away and scouts hitting the wall in multiple spots can force sufficient Idle time

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I think based on the past, you cant really justify to just delete DM from ranked. So i would suggest to not delete DM from the ranked queue, but just to add EW as well as new mode.

Note: I havent played any DM games ever online. So it is not like i need DM to be ranked.

Totally agree with this. Having empire wars as ranked would def boost up it.

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Really I need empires wars mode, I dont have enough time for play more than one - two daily standard mode, but I definitely sure I going to play empire wars mode, is more fast and more action, I love that mode.

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but I prefer that quit battle royale, that yes that nobody plays

But battle royale is not in the ranked lobby. This is probably why the people play it rarely.

More people would play EW if they 1) could queue in it simutaneously to RM like they can do with DM and 2) if they could get balanced matches based on Elo.
I’m just gonna say what I said some months ago, we don’t need a DM ladder with many different maps, just put all the niche stuff in a separate ladder from the RM ladder. For example Arena or BF shouldn’t be RM as the randomization of the map is not that relevant. DM and EW could get 1 Arabia map Slot each and 1-2 rotating ones. You can put some experimental stuff in that queue as well.
Elo wouldn’t be super accurate as there are different modes in one Elo but who cares as 1) Elo system is broken anyway because of TG Elo and 2) DM Elo isn’t that accurate due to very few people playing it.

No one will ever play this gamemode frequently.

i shall play it pretty consistently.

The hype around RB Tournaments shows me that you are wrong.

I completely agree with this part of your post. Currently if people have the option between ranked RM or unranked EW, then most people will go for ranked RM. If you have ranked RM vs ranked EW, then i think people might queue for both. Unranked EW sucks, because the game will never be balanced. That is also the main reason why quick play is terrible and almost dead.

In the end the best solution would be having 3 game modes in ranked:

  • RM
  • DM
  • EW

You can might even argue adding BR, because the devs wanted to push this game mode in quick play. After this change, they just have to delete quick play from the game, since it really make not much sense in its current form.

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