[Ranked game ]Please Explain this verticle score graph or stragey/build if any

Ranked game, if this a strategy or something thats fine. 3v3 match.
They have a Russia and a Japan.

Also the sudden Japanse Flmaing spam.

Record Game.age3Yrec (5.4 MB)

what factions are they playing?

orange xp line looks like a “shogunate” ageup for japan, the purple im gonna take a wild guess and say russian bashkir ponies or petrine reforms? or dutch church card musks. both those techs massively spike graphs


dang I checked the rec and was about to say this lol… It was petrine reforms (unique russian church tech for cheap upgrades) and the shogunate (gives 600 xp age VI)


they are playing Russia and Japan

@dansil92 @SnowLynx2

also a sudden burst of flaming ? with 5 shrine and 2 vills lost initially ?

I think the Japans eco was just very good. He had send 3 fishing boats from the Portuguese consulate, he sent a 4 vill shipment and sent 7 vills twice, he got the bank from the Dutch consulate, and for most of the game he had at least 150 shrine pop. The shrines cost 75w with the card Heavily Kami and with the Portuguese consulate so even though you took down some he could just replace them.

This eco allowed him to make many flaming arrows and he also sent the 4 flaming arrow card (which can be sent twice). It’s also worth noting they are 100 coin cheaper than a falconet and are made 5% cheaper with the Shogunante wonder. Approximately for every 3.5 Ashigaru muskets he could have made one flaming arrow.

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yea, seems a good build for the map. also as always, japan eco so OP

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