Ranked game wins counting as losses

Yeah me and my mate I play with like half of our losses are wins. My elo should be a bit higher then it is. A lot of the time I just play in the casual lobbies anyway. Every time I play ranked supremacy team games everyone is just early rushes, I like mid to late game and am much better at it

OMG! I’m from China, I like this game very much, I thought I was the only one who encountered this kind of problem! Ranked victory is judged as defeat! Scores are also reduced! When will this be fixed?


is this ever going to fixed. Just played a ranked treaty and won and it counted as a loss!

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Did anyone check if the bug is still occurring ?

Ranked supremacy seems to be working right. But ranked treaty does not counts half your wins as losses

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Any news about this bug?

Have anyone tried if the same issue is still current with team treaty ranked games ?

Haven’t played a ranked treaty in a little while. I will play one soon and let you know. Problem is it will count correctly for a couple games then count wrong then right again

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