Ranked game wins counting as losses

So every ranked treaty game i play it keeps counting them as losses even though they are wins. 60% of my ranked losses are actually wins. This needs to be fixed, counting wins and losses is easy I don’t know why it counts most of my wins as losses. Does anyone else have this problem?


Thanks for your report, we are currently tracking wins registering as losses!

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Thanks, So much for the response. It sometimes counts losses as wins too. I just want all losses and wins to be counted properly. Thanks again

So it this going to be fixed. I’m registered at 4 losses all of them are wins. Me and my mate should be at a 12-14 game win streak but we are registered as -4. Playing Ranked treaty is pointless, all it does is say I lost and keeps dropping my rank and ELO even though I’m winning. This is a really simple thing to program

Are you guys going to fix this? My wins are still counting as losses on treaty!

Are you going to fix this?!!! All my wins are counting as losses. This is not that hard to program

I tested the bug 7 days ago and I had the same issue.

As host, I got a loss 5/5 times, even if my actual results were wins…
The 6th game was an actual loss and it counted accordingly lol.
I also checked what results got the rest of the lobby participants and it was always me and another random player that got inverted results (out of 6 players )

Now I need to check if the issue is still present in the current patch (Update 13.10442)


That’s interesting because all my ranked games are either hosted by myself or my brother who was on the same WiFi, and we both always got matching wins or losses. Hopefully this will get fixed, at least half my “losses “ are actually wins

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Is this going to fixed? It is still counting at least half my wins a losses!

I had the same issue few days ago, what is even still the use of playing ranked?

Devs dont respond either and we have had an update since (It seems to me this is a pretty important bug to fix as playing ranked is just useless now), wouldnt surprise me if they didnt even keep track of your game history making it impossible to give the actual wins that were counted as loses.

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It’s really annoying as any time you win It usually counts it as a loss. Recently my losses are always counted right. I don’t understand why this is so hard to fix

I cant even remember the last time I played ranked, maybe 1-2 years ago?

u guys r lucky atleast ur patch is registering losses .my game is not registering either win or loss.my stats are being shown nil after playing 30+ games.

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Wow, that makes ranked totally useless to play, hopefully they get this stuff fixed instead of spending all their time nerfing things that don’t really need nerfed

I also have the exactly same problem in my recent games it’s very painful

Indeed. How long do we have to wait for a fix ?

It’s been working a bit better recently but it still counts wins as losses

If u want to have a correctly count u need to play 1v1, this is working fine.
To me team games still counts the wins as loses,m last try 2 days ago

It should be working for all ranked games not just 1v1. I don’t play 1v1 I like team games anyway

totally agree with u, usually I don’t play 1v1, much prefer to have team games. But as long as the devs cannot fix it in long terms and for sure alternately if u want to win ELO or simply having correct count go 1v1.
Shame on them to don’t give any answer for weeks.
It’s known as one of the bigger bugs that touch a significant part of treaty players and I see more and more often players that have an amazing rank score and which are finally close to noobs. We win they lose but our ELO goes down and their goes up.

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