Ranked Games showing as loses if you win?

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  • Windows 10, Steam, I just played two ranked treaty 3v3’s and the first one our partner resigned immediately and in the old AOE3 you could resign prior to the 2 minute mark and the game would not count. We did that and it gave a loss. The host rehosted it and we played another 40 minute treaty and won and once again it gave us a loss. The crazy thing is it also gave the host losses for both games too it appears??? Just look at my ranked games and my profile and you can see what the issue is. The host who was in it was named Zamora9906. Is ranked broken or what the heck is going on???

Yeh ranked has been busted for months now, dont play it. The depressing part is that the devs have not addressed it at all and along with the recent performance issues, I doubt it will be fixed any time soon :frowning:

Can confirm this is still an issue.

Could we have some confirmation this is being tracked or devs are aware?

Hello everyone, thanks for the report! I’d like to kindly request if those who experience this could provide more details? Does this happen more commonly on Team Games or 1v1s? Any detail you can provide will help us get to the root cause of the issue. Thanks in advance! :+1:

Well I had played some ranked 1v1’s mostly with no issues. The times it gave us all losses were team games. But with that being said I have played a team ranked game since then and it actually counted as a win for us (Not sure for the other team or not, and since I cant look the games up like we used to be able to in the old AOE3 I cant verify it for you) BTW can we get that back for this version where we can look old games up, or is that a thing and I just cant find it???)

Thanks, Icardimus

Thank you @Icardimus for providing additional details for us! We are now tracking this issue internally.
If anyone still has any details they can provide, please go ahead and do so!


  • Game Build: Current and previous versions 12/7/2022
  • Game Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 11 home


  • Losses count as wins and vice verse in ranked treaty multiplayer games. Tested with 40min treaty.
  • 1v1 40 min ranked treaty works fine


  • 100%

############ STEPS

  • Create 2v2 40min ranked treaty game. Host selects team 1. Team mate selects team 1. Other two players go random. The team of the host (team 1) always get a plus point, even if they surrender.
  • Create 3v3 40min ranked treaty game. Host selects team 1. Everyone who selects a team, may it be 1 or 2 gets a minus point. Does not matter if they win or loose. All players that have not selected a team get a plus point if they win.

-It seems that the bug has something to do with initial team selection. It only appears in team treaty games.

omg that is so depressing lol, makes perfect sense now though appreciate the explanation. Happened to me 5 out of 15 matches where I won, my losses counted of course.

Sad that this is still an issue almost a year later.

Edit: just happened again, this time all random teams in a 2v2 treaty so I’m not even sure anymore… 3rd game in a row win has been awarded a loss