Ranked games zijn kapot

Waarom uren lopen zoeken naar Ranked games… snappen wie snappen kan, waarom zo een belachelijk systeem gebruiken om games te zoeken… In legacy was het veel plezanter om te spelen omdat je u rangen hebt. Nu kom je alleen nog mensen tegen die nix anders doen dan video games spelen en al de hotkeys uit hun hoofd kennen. Tja waarom doe ik zelf nog moeite om iets te posten er wordt toch niet geluisterd … Go back like teh good old days on legacy ! Systeem and ESO was veel maar veel beter !

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  1. why are you posting in dutch? 2) are you complaining about people being better than you? why? The system works, you’re losing, lose some ELO, and get put against people your own rank…

What’s your issue? play the game! have fun :slight_smile:

This not necessarily how it works, even if you are where you belong, because the game has a low player base it’s hard to find people your own skill level, for example one time knusch, a pro player with over 2000 ELO got put against edition finale, a player with 1200 ELO that’s one of the consequences of us having a low player base, also I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting in another language, there’s a button on the bottom that translates for you

Actually i thought that game went pretty well. I think he was dutch. If they play a fair civ its cool. You dont know the rank of your opponent until after the game. This goes a long way to giving you confidence to play anyone. Highest ranked player ive played is a 17. Its uncommon but of course does happen.

If the guy was a jerk and played japan or swedes. Or perhaps usa with some lamer meta i would be more worried about it.