Ranked Map Vetos - Unable to use all 3 in Ranked 1v1 and Teams


Since the patch today (aoe age4 which adjusted the ranked map pool, I am having the following difficulty adjusting my map preferences in both Ranked solo and Ranked Team games. In ranked 1v1, all 3 map vetos are shown as in use (top right of ss), but I only have one map (Mediterranean) thumbs down. The other two maps I have veto’d (I assume) are from the map pool that was removed with this patch. As such, I am unable to veto 3 maps as is expected.

I am having the same issue, in ranked teams, as detailed in the second screenshot.

Please assist,


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This problem occurred in the last patch as well. The current workaround is to hit the “reset” button bottom left – that should give you all three vetoes.


that worked, appreciate the help!

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