Ranked Maps

Can we get some variety in the ranked map pool and remove the really bad maps? The last several times I played ozarks on the top spawn i was missing 1-2 hunts. For some reason the bottom side spawns fine. Also, having all TP maps is quite boring and bad.

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Need to have it like aoe2 where you see the map and can change your civ, then there’s no issue with having a mix of tp/no tp imo.

Also, please add Yukon to the list of to be removed.

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Said it before, but…
Bring back maps 90% of players enjoy because they are fun, and balance them slightly as needed.
GP and Deccan in the map pool!

Please use “All compeitive maps” in team game. It includes all maps in “Standard maps” and “Team game maps” and was used in some patch before.

But there are many bad maps in there.

Put me in coach! I’d love to work on improving the maps for our beloved game.

But someone’s bad map may be another one’s good map. If some maps are really so bad for teamplay I hope devs can fix them and bring them back someday.

I don’t know if the devs are interested in that, but I am.