Ranked point system feels better

After 21 games mostly on Gold 3, I feel the point system so far more rewarding than in season one (before a change).
It gives the impression there is a progress towards something :slight_smile:
Is it the same for you?

Of course you feel better. Because of an inflatary point system. You loose less points when defeated and gain more points when you win. So if you have a 50% win rate your overall rank points will just keep increasing. This is especially true at lower levels. But gets levelled at higher levels. They did this intentionally to spread the rank distribution at lower levels. At gold and lower you will lose less than 10 points in an average on defeat. But on platinum onwards you will loose more than 10 points on defeat. In gold and below when you win it rewards you 30-40 points depending on who you defeat. And platinum onwards it’s a gain of 20 something points on win. And then of course things change drastically for top level players in conqueror and high diamonds

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