Ranked queue UI

On behalf of my friends and I, I would like to suggest a couple of changes to the “ranked” menu in the game.

First off, we want to be able to talk to each other in a lobby-chat whilst in a party waiting for a match. As it is now, the lobby chat doesn’t show up untill a match is found. Why is this? It should definetly (in Definitive edition!) be possible for a “party chat” before the match is found.

Secondly, it would be awesome if one could use the other tabs in the menu while one is in a party with friends or waiting in queue. For example the “clans”-tab and “leaderboard”-tab are tabs that could be interesstning to pass time with, but you can’t ever visit them, because who goes into the ranked menu if not to queue up or join a party with friends? If the problem with being able to cycle through the tabs is that you don’t pay attention to the match being found, a solution to this could be that the tab is automatically switched to the lobby, and is locked to the lobby, once the match is found.

Third point is that the invite-fuction with Microsoft Live-accounds (the invite-system that doesn’t use the steam-overlay) always is filled with random people you played last and steam friends who don’t even own the game. There is a filter for this, where you can select different lists, like “clan-members” or “steam friends”, but for some reason the filter always resets to “all the people you could possibly want to play with ever, according to our algorithms”. This should be an easy fix where the game remembers what filter you want to use. btw, the filter with “all the people in the world” is a wierd standard filter. It should at least be defaulted to “steam friends” if you play on Steam.


We really need a better UI/UX regarding multiplayer.


The list of necessary upgrades to the UI is a long one.

  • Chat in queue
  • Clan chat
  • Better invite system
  • More statistics on profile (Game mode, Civ, Maps…)
  • Quick match needs to be more intuitive… there are like 15 boxes to check.