Ranked rating visible in unranked

Why is ranked rating visible in unranked?
I only have time to play in the weekends so I can’t compete at my ranked rating anymore.
So my only option is to play unranked games but nobody wants to play with me as they can see my extremely inflated rating.
I’m an 1100 player in real skill but have 2200 TG rating. Everyone thinks I’m some kind of pro but when I play TG ranked I get reported by everyone because they think I’m a troll or bought my account or something.

Ranked ratings are currently the most reiable way to determine someones skill. Thus is the best way to try to balance teams.

I dont really understand why ‘only have time to play in the weekends’ is a reason to leave the ranked queue? Even if you play just only in the weekend, you still can play in the ranked games.

As I said: I was reported by everyone because I’m not good enough anymore. Very enjoyable experience… I’m not doing it anymore. I’ll just go back to playing BF with the noobs.
Also, for some reason today 2 out of 3 of my ranked games permanently freeze after a couple of minutes in the game. Can’t play it anymore anyway. Yes, I made a bug report already (not that anyone reads those).

Yeah the inflation of TG elo is a big thing. I only have like 40 teamgames (half of these crash for me, but that is another story), with ~13xx elo. Whenever I see my teammate in ranked has over 200 games, I know he is much lower elo than me (bc of infaltion of elo in TGs). So balancing with TG elo makes no sense if it is infalted as it is atm. Same Problem for original poster: he played a lot of TG as it seems and gets an extremely high elo (TG) despite not being a pro player. His Teammates have much less played games, but same TG elo (->higher real elo), so they report him, but the problem is the matchmaking, that takes only the (infalting) TG elo. There should be an improvement of the matchmaking if the already played games to reach the elo that one has is also taken into consideration of the teamgame matchmaking algorithm

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I’m not sure if I would call the TG rating inflated.
I play activly on the weekend some teamgames and 1v1s. My ratings are:
1v1: 1350
TG: 2050
Both corresponds roughly to rank 4000.

I’d say that there are far more players in ranked TGs active, so it would seem sensible that ELO distribution is much higher.

No back to topic. Espacially in Teamgames rating isn’t that important. Sure you should know how to play a basic boom or agressiv buildorder. But you should still be able to play rates games. Maybe just tell your teammates that you are a bit rusty or look for a group that plays with you on a regular basis.
For me personally it’s the first time I heard that someone uses the report Button for non cheaters.

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The ranking doesn’t seem to apply properly to me though.

There are multiple threads about TG ratings not being reiable. I also made my own. For a proof why TG ratings are off, see for example my thread about this subject: