Ranked Regicide Replace Empire Wars?

I heard nobody is playing Empire Wars, so why not replace it with Regicide instead? 1v1, or team 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. Could be cool to see some ranked games of this game mode. King slaying could make for really cool videos on YouTube. In this game mode there should not be huge balance changes aimed at this since it’s a very non-standard start anyway.

Empire Wars can be still be ranked if they host a lobby for it.

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Even RM with 9 vills start could be better than EW ranked at this point.

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I’d be up for seeing this one map cycle

Just anyone really into regicide? To me that is just RM with a king. Cool for videos within a community, but doesnt add much.

Only fortress was always played as regicide in the past. Just add regicide to fortress if it is in the map pool. Just on the ranked ladder.

I like ranked Empire Wars. I’m still a bit sad it eventually replaced Deathmatch before the latter returned in shape of lobbies, but instead of making regicide its own ladder, I’d rather add it to ranked RM maps where appropriate, e.g. Fortress.