Ranked team games are unplayable

This is pretty much another rant about the unbalanced team games. If you managed to look past the chances of a player dropping from at least 1 of the 8 players, the painfully broken match making team still makes the games unplayable. I feel bad for brand new players who think this is the way its supposed to be when you play online. For example I just played a 4v4 where 2 of my team mates were just barely feudal age with in game scores below 1500 when the opponents from their side of the map killed them with castle age armies and siege and they had scores around 4000. Elo differences aren’t a linear number of skill points. Viper isn’t just 2 times better than a player with 1050 and just 20% better than a 1700 elo player he is many times better he could probably play against 4x 1700 elo players and win. There is a huge difference in skill even from a 200 elo difference so you can’t just throw in 2 low elo players on one team and expect a fair game.
(Also whats up with not getting elo when you beat such low ranked players but you still lose elo when you lose with such low ranked players on your team?)

Some solutions:
*If there aren’t enough players of the same rank to start a team game evenly spread out highest and lowest elo players

*We used to wait 10-15 mins for team games without issues in HD we can wait longer than 5 mins to find good team games

*Show the queue of players or at least number of players found for a team game so that players know the progress and how much longer before a game is ready

*Allow all the players to chat in the lobby not just team mates this should honestly apply to all game modes i miss saying glhf before the match and talking to players in the community before the start of the games

Biggest thing you folks are missing complaining about MM is the community isn’t that big playing this game. That’s why the team games are so unbalanced in the first place. Honestly, I would think there’s less people playing this game now than 2 months ago with all the BS going on with profanity filters, lag, and other ■■■■ poor broken mechanics currently in the game. Also, you still have folks playing on HD Steam and Voobly so theres less to pull from as well. Then you have people who only play unranked, so there’s another chunk not available for the MM. You want people around your skill? Play 1vs1. Even then you’re still waiting up to 5 mins trying to get a match sometimes, but at least your opponent is close to your skill level in contrast to most team games.

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I just bought DE. I’ve been playing in voobly up to last week, and I can say rhat nowadays there’s more people therw than 2 months ago. I Think Microsoft should appeal more to the fan base they already have and less to new players

Yeah I thinking that too. Wondering when the updated civs will be enough to make people want to play the new game. I am willing to wait longer in queue for a good game and maybe it would help to show players elos before the game starts so we know what we are working with.

One thing that really needs to be changed about TGs: you only should lose/gain elo as a Team and NOT as a single player. This means that the points you gain/loss are purely calculated based on the average rating of your team and all team members should lose or gain the same amount of points after wining/losing. After all this is a team effort and not a single player effort.

Microsoft isn’t helping their case with the decisions they’re making to get more people to play this game. They already rushed off to start working on AoE3 DE now because that’s the next quick money grab. Microsoft sunk their ship with me. I won’t buy another product or game from them after this.

The main reason the pros are playing DE over Voobly is because the tournaments and prize money are for DE now. I play Warthunder, and you can literally get in a game in less than 10 seconds because the population playing the game online is so large compared to this one. Call of Duty as well. I never saw a game like this where there’s literally three versions available to play at once. (Steam, Voobly, DE) And even when I play ranked 1vs1, half the games lag because I’m playing with people all the way on the other side of the world. I would love to see a feature where it shows how many people are playing online for this game. You would be shocked how low it is at times I assure you.

I don’t even think these servers could handle all the players from steam and voobly coming here at once.

As a casual player, I have gone back to HD for multiplayer ranked games. I realized that DE was not “fun” nor providing a platform for reliable games. HD works well for the most part.


That’s absolutely correct, loosing or gaining elo in teamgames with players with different elos should be the same for the whole team. Otherwise the lower players are getting to high elo and can’t queue alone anymore. I do not understand why this system from AOE2 HD was changed. This only promotes unbalanced elo matches.