Ranked Team Matches around 700 ELO are flooded with Smurfs

Can you please finnally do something against Smufs?!

In ranked team matches with players around 650 - 750 ELO there are again so often Smurfs, who got already 20 villagers just after 2 minutes playing. Meanwhile you got team members with similar or even higher ELO who just played less then 200 matches and a win rate of around 35 - 40 %.

With such conditions there are no balanced or even senseful team matches possible around 700 ELO.

Do something!

Do you have a couple of recordings? Did you watch replays? I’ve found that a lot of these concerns are unfounded, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


What? I am 674 elo and climbing because I am training how to do 2 militia drushes and this seem to be effective against frank pickers. I play twice a week since the last month (after a long hiatus) and I haven’t seen any smurf, so don’t scare me!

I believe you can find those “smurfs” mostly in arabia (maybe in arena, but I ban it). I have noticed that people play way worse in other open maps.

edit: Ok, you are talking about teamgames. That is never going to be balanced unless the forced the matching more, with longer queues, and so on.

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Hi ! I speak bad English and I apologize!
I know quite a few 600,700 elo players. I therefore took the liberty of watching your games. I had trouble finding your profile since you changed your username. fortunately AoEInsight keeps the history of pseudonyms.

The first (Haboob) you don’t make any house. You explore with your villagers. Then build a lumber camp. On this game, just with this start, you are clearly not a 600 player of Elo (1V1). In this category (600+), players start learning build orders. So just in 15 seconds they already make a thousand times less mistakes than what I’ve seen. I only looked at 2m15 because you had already lost by then.

Then I watched a game on Hideout and your first reaction is to do 4 houses. I stop immediately, you also lost at this moment.

One last: Black Forest. You send a villager to explore and the others to the other side of the map: ok, you lose. If you are at this Elo, it is because your playing partners seem to have bases equivalent to 700. And if you blow yourself up it is only because of your lack of knowledge of the basics of the game in part classified.

If you were going 1v1 you would probably be 300-400. Because that’s what I see with my friends who do this at the start of the game and still do ranked 1V1s.

My words may hurt, but they are sincere and real. Accusing others of “Smurfs” before you even know to start with “villager” “house with 2 villagers” “house with 1 villager” shows that you haven’t even bothered to watch a tutorial, and your mates play, a stream or even just the AI ​​on Difficult or +… It’s a shame to accuse without first trying to be better :slight_smile:


If someone managed to do this, he will be a cheater, not a smurf.

I am not playing at the 650-750 Elo TG ladder, so i cant really comment on that specific range. What i do notice is that there a lot more variance in skill sets for the same Elo as for the 1v1 ladder. That is also clear by just thinking about this:

  • If you play 1v1 and you are just better then your opponent, then you will win most of the time. It is only depending on your skill vs oppoenent skill.
  • For TGs it is not only depending your your skill, but also of your allies and of your enemies.
  • Added to this you also have premades vs solo. Premades works much better together and will togehter perform better then if they all queued up solo.

As result of all of this there is much more noise, so the TG ratings are much more unstable. You can be on a big winning or losing streak just because of your allies, while still playing terrible or great. There isnt really an easy solution to this.

That doesnt instantly means that everyone who players better then you in a game is a smurf. You post is lacking a proof of all the number of smurfs.

I havent watched a game, but your conclusions sound terrible to me. 600-700 elo on the TG ladder is already really low. There aren’t many lower rated players. At this level you dont lose a game because you start with building for 4 houses instead of the normal 2 in most build order guides. At this level people just dont really follow build others.

Also instead of just posting the first mistake and claiming he lost because of that, i would suggest your to give him advice on how to improve instead.

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You are obviously confusing 600/700 elo where you start to master a Build Order and 300 400 where this is not the case, in the French-speaking community we have a lot of tournaments with very low elo (CF 3 editions per year, Queen Revenge, ancient “FNL”, SMC, …) , so it’s easy to know better what the norm is. ^^

It’s up to you to accept it or not, but it’s a fact. If you do not know a Build Order, you are not worth 700 elo 1V1 and you are doomed to go down in Elo. (by the way, I’ve been there myself :))

Best regards :slight_smile:

Hey, if you want to add me, maybe i can help you. im not far away from you, im stuck at 900-1000 elo and with out try hard or doing expecific builds from civs. You improve a lot doing a good dark age. Remember that what is more importan is the efficency of the villagers, less walk=more resources=more eco= better up times=better army.