Ranked team matchmaking - WTF?

I see why not.

It is a good analyzer tool for yourself.

Those ranks might not need to be public either, much like replays you can choose to have them public or not.

Getting a good oversight on which civs and maps you are good at internally in the game is a good feature.
Even though Aoe4world does a good job at this, having a officially supported rather than to rely on the good nature of a volunteer team.

And for those who are serious in improving themselves, will easily know which maps they need to focus more on.

To me, if any system doesn’t work it shouldn’t exist.

In my opinion, any system added to a game should give positive value. Here, we have a broken matchmaking system that gives negative value making players annoyed and making them leave not only this game mode but the entire game.
Some people say, why do you play this game mode? or this game mode is for fun.
Firstly, I and other players play this mode because it is in this game and if is, should work. Secondly, any ranked game mode isn’t made for fun because there is a ranking which means we try to play our best, not for fun like testing their new builds, civics, etc.

been saying basically the same thing since aoe4 released, and its true, why are there effectively 2 ladders for instance, both with questionable matchmaking (ik its related to low player count but then who is responsible for low player count?)

I am finding that the team balance can sometimes be way off.

Here’s a game I just got matched into… quick match, but still.

2000 elo, Conquerer III, #58th best team ranked player matched in a game with 1100 elo players. And everyone queued solo, no one was teamed with each other. The system 100% on its own matched us together. WTF?

Here’s another from the other day where the opposing team averaged 400 elo higher than us. (all solo queued)


We all solo queued… My ally was freakin 741 elo. wtf is going on, is quick match totally broken? How can you have a separation of over 1260 elo in the same game???

From my point of view and waiting for an answer about your matchmaking complaints, I would recommend 2 things:

  • Play Premade.
  • Restart the queue when it passes 5 minutes.

This slightly reduces the likelihood of such a rating difference.

I’m never waiting longer than 2 minutes… I understand why a player like Siral would have to wait longer, but he also immediately got matched up again, to players way lower than him. Stop trying to wash over this blatantly unacceptable match.

4 solo players should be the easiest team matchup to form balanced. It’s only when a friend premade teams with a much better player that there should be an issue.

Nowhere in the comment have I said that I agree with the current Matchmaking.

It shouldn’t be so fucking hard to get a win per day. If I only have 2 hours to play it’s really aggravating that it’s against conquerers and premade teams. I wouldn’t mind waiting 10 minutes if it meant getting just two fair games per day.

I really suggest having a break from Age of Empires 4. I believe that decreasing the number of players is the only, real way to make devs focus on that problem.

If devs really can’t find any solution, just close unpopulated game modes, and leave only ranked 1v1 and custom games, eventually vs AI. Focus on those 2 game modes to make them work perfectly and give people as fair a matchmaking and learning curve as possible.
Currently, we have 10+ game modes where most of which don’t have enough players, and matchmaking doesn’t work fair at the end of the day we have to play custom games, 1v1, or leave this game so what is the point of holding all those game modes if we finish with the 2 anyways.

Adribird90 gave 2 propositions above to play premade or restart queue but for me, both propositions show even more that this system just sux. If players have to find different ways to make matchmaking better than it is, something is totally wrong.

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ive observed the qm algorithm for a while now, its a bit different than rm algo… u should look at downfall’s history lol… he mostly plays with lowelo

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ive seen some friends switch to custom games… can try that.

i mean that would mean they wont need to deploy as my servers if there are less players… dont forget they’ve already pocketed big bucks… from $60 per copy

I just looked downfall up… wow, that’s pretty odd just about every game they get matched into is with noobs.

Because those numbers are the rank points not the ELO. A lot of the criticism could be addressed if the game focused on ELO and made a rank based on that the main thing displayed to the player. I’ve given the example before of how Rocket League handles this, where everyone will have bronze season rewards early in a season, but nobody is confused into thinking their rank is bronze as the game clearly shows their rank as champion, grand champion etc, and makes it clear how the season rank reward level is earned. To me, it’s much clearer than AoE 4’s system that constantly causes players to interpret the season rank reward level as their ELO.

the medals are just pointless as ive said before

many conq3’s dont play like conqs at all, and many conq3’s deserve some few tiers higher than conq3

theres an overall lack of thought and care given to nearly every aspect of this game except hype and marketing i’d say.

Nah, it doesn’t work like this that they got money from the game and are happy. I am almost sure, that that money maybe was enough to cover investments and pay people working on future updates.
If it was a single-player game I could agree that a 1-shot sale could be enough for devs and they could don’t really care about support. Here we have the multiplayer game based mostly on the current player base because mostly this base will buy future DLCs and investment forecasts for potential sales are made based on that player base.
If players will massively leave the game e.g 10% per month, devs will see this on their statistics and will have to do something with the game because investors won’t let their money lose.

but many players have actually left since launch.

i didn’t say complete disregard to updates

i said lack of thought and care. lack meaning insufficient.

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i feel you, my ELO sank to the bottom months ago and there no turning back now… matchmaking ruined my experience in this game thats one of the reasons I left

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