Ranked team matchmaking - WTF?


I want to ask you, did you also meet such a problem with ranked team matchmaking?
After I hit platinum 1 I started to have matchmaking like gold+plat players vs conquerors or diamonds. I played 10 games lately and 8 of them were me platinum + gold/plat allies vs at least 2-3 conquerors.

What is going on with it? I didn’t meet any game so far, where I have conqueror player in my team but each time I see conq/diamond in an enemy team.
It isn’t playable or any fun. Such defeats don’t learn anything because the difference is too big to see any problems.
After easily earning gold and playing I struggle with impossible-to-win games now. Lose plat, then play gold where I got silver/bronze enemies, reach plat again and meet conquerors + diamond and again go to the gold and meet their silvers.
Sorry, but for me, this matchmaking is totally ################
In my opinion, devs should switch off ranked until they repair this system because now it’s unplayable after you reach platinum.

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lol, yes i feel you. well not really, because im a conq3 and quite often we do meet gold/plats… ya i can imagine it wont be fun for the opposing team, but thats not to say its very fun for me either.

but ya know… i dont know if the devs play their own game, so they are probably completely oblivious to whats really happening.

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ya, I don’t blame better players but devs that, as you said, don’t even play their own game.

Currently, most of my games are vs conq or diamonds and it is unplayable, I can’t go higher while the difference is so enormous.
I can understand that the player base may not be enough but for God’s sake, devs will lose the most-ranked community because of that. It isn’t the way to mix all players because we don’t have enough players to make ranked levels.
Conquerors will leave because of the lack of challenge and lower players also because of the impossible wall.

Why keep ranked team games when there is no population for them? If players would have only fun from team games they don’t need ranking for it, just custom games. Instead of challenge and fun I got stomp games and annoy in 9/10 games.

you only need to look at aoe4world.com/status and ull see obvious problems.

i mean ranked is stupid to begin with. its really just quickmatch with some medals alongside terrible elo calculation. and now you have players split. some of my friends switched to custom games lol… which should 100% by the defacto mode. custom rated games. everything else should be removed.


I agree. It is better to have 1-2 game modes with an entire community than many modes to split that low community and generate the problems written above.
Am going to just take back my plat and stop playing ranked games…no point to waste more time there until the devs do something with it.

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In the times of worst matchmaking you reduce the probability that your team has conqueror players. If you have a gold/plat premade he also does the same. The opponents might be premades as (if they are all high mmr it means you got a matchmaking issue. If they are 2 conquerors and 2 very low mmr the game algorithm does some kind of averaging)

majority of conqs play premade.

ive had my share of randoms and the issue with randoms isn’t entirely with their gameplay but more leaving at start.

again this is why custom rated games are just better alongside an additional statistic added such as “abandoned games/incomplete games” aka leaving before 5mins. then we’d just kick such players. bad behavior has so far gone unpunished.

if they play their own game enough they’d understand the underlying issues.

I don’t play ranked anymore for this reason. I really enjoyed going from Gold 1 to Gold 3, a lot of fairly won games. But the moment I hit platinum things got seriously challenging, even a fair win is stressful. But more often I’d get matched against a diamond so after a while of getting beat up by diamonds I just lost hope of getting out of platinum 1.

I started playing team quick match and the matchmaking is even worse. 80% of the teams are premade and the ELO averaging seems broken. I look at the rankings on AoE4World and sometimes they average out, but other times it’s a premade team of conquerers playing against myself and a random platinum partner. I just leave the match now when I see the other team is premade. There should be enough solo players to match us together fairly, and enough premade teams to match them up to each other. But it’s not fair or fun to match randoms vs premade. And especially with such a rank difference. Premade should be factored as +150 elo or something to account for the strategy and communication advantage. I wouldn’t mind playing against premade goldies.

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yeah its why i keep saying in aoe2 games were more fun in old msnzone days, because sometimes we see a stack, we then start looking for friends and a stack of our own to go against them

people find ways to have a balanced game, what we have now is white belt vs black belt lol mm algo…

white vs yellow i can understand… but black? lol

Yup, After the next days with defeats in ranked games, I am done. The game was deleted, the game pass canceled and maybe this is this a way. 8/10 games were lost in the lobby because the closer platinum I am, the more conquerors and diamonds I see in the enemy team.

If I can’t go higher not because of a lack in my skill but mostly because of the broken system I leave this trash. Look at this screen. It is how most of my games look. Congratulations devs, maybe if more ppl will leave line me they will do something. If only it won’t be too late.

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i know ur opponent, they(and other conqs) usually play as a stack

with voice comms in discord…

so yes, randoms with no comms vs stacks with comms


I really would like to wait even 5-10 minutes for a balanced game than got premade-conq vs random gold/plat team and lose 20-30 minutes + points.
I lose ~17 points for defeat and reach ~20 for victory so… gl indeed xD

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i have many times said the mm system is trash in many many ways

for even elo’s, when u lose, u lose more, when u win, u win less. its a joke. its even worse that not all players on the same team win/lose the same amount lol.

so, calculation is already silly to begin with, and of course there’s ‘random casual basketball team after work vs NBA ALL STARS stack’

and i repeat, rated custom lobby is the best way to deal with this. remove QM and RM.

“1600-1800 3v3 dry arabia no smurfs no leavers.” would be a lot more fun

now? theres every incentive to smurf, every incentive to abuse, every reason to dodge… actually every reason to just stop playing this game, just like what you did.

and you’re a proof of what i mean by diminishing players. balance changes?! not gonna retain players with that. im happy to see 0 balance changes for season5 despite disliking the balance changes in season4 overall… and just have UI/mm improvement.

Sad but true. After the platinum, you mainly lost not because of lack of skill but matchmaking. Devs give encouraging rewards for ranked levels but the entire system isn’t ready for ranked games xD

I am waiting now for the Stormgate RTS. Even though I don’t really like sci-fi RTS games (except Warhammer 40k themed) I am super curious about this game. In fact, devs will make 2 games in one where 1v1 will get a different balance than team games. Probably 1v1 will have only units while team games will be more hero-focused and closer to MOBA than typical RTS.
What’s more, devs are going to put a huge amount of work into the competitive and ranked games so after that AoE4 ranked system trash I hope to meet a nice working system, really prepared for players.

Saying “we have ranked games and rewards for you, come and play!” means nothing if the core of this system is broken.

I seriously do not understand why it is so difficult to make a functioning matchmaker based on the Rank.

Screw Elo, High elo players will eventually rank up to their respective rank and become more of a thing once you achieved the top rank.

I could probably make a better matchmaker on microsoft excel, the way things are now.

Make it simple:

If team 1 is made up of:
1 Conq III
1 Diamon I
1 Gold III

Then match them with
1 Conq I
1 Diamond III
1 Platinum I

Or Anything Adjusted by +/- 3 ranks per Player.

I couldnt give 2 sheeps less that if I had to wait 10+ minutes MM qeues if in roder to get a Fairer Ranked Match matchup.

If a Premade team is made up by pure Diamond players, they should always be matched up against a team +/- 3 ranks of their ranks.

In other words, you will never have a full Conqueror team matching up against a full Gold/Plat team.

If the premade team is made up of mostly conq, but with that 1 “special” friend who is Bronze.

Well they simply have to wait untill the MM can find a equal team. If there is none, well to bad for them. This is why we have Quickmatches for.

For Quickmatch, In all honesty, I’m not to fussed about i the Matchmaking is much broader.
It’s a “non-competative” gamemode just there to give… well the namesake. a Quick Match.

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o man, you were right.
I checked their games on the aoe4world website and they are 4 premade :upside_down_face:
btw. TTV team rank #20 vs me team rank #15,113 ;D

honestly i used to play with them and with magnavozz too recently, i mean its always pre-made + voice comms… i dare say 95% conqs only play premade, there are very few exceptions.

Issue is there aren’t enough players. From the perspective of conq3, I will tell you you’re gonna be waiting a dang long time.

I think it’s fine for diamonds and lower.

Try 3x conq3, u’d be waiting forever. Anyway, it seems better to play QM for teams these days. Games start at least… and ive come across quite a number of conq players in qm too. map pool is far better too.

also, a lot of conq players aren’t really conqs, a lot play like plats/diamonds… and some many conq3s deserve higher than conq3. just take top10 in team ranked for example, say those chinese players…they do deserve 3-6 tiers higher than conq3.

Coudl easily be solved with binding a rank to the civ your playing.

Yeah, sure, playerbase isn’t large and youll be waiting a long time for a even matchup.

but one big reason why playerbase isn’t getting any larger is due to absolute sheep matchmaking.

That way its easier to matchmake with Civ’s you arent as good with.

While your “season” rank is based on the W/L ratio in total for the season.

Regardless, I don’t mind waiting 20-30 minutes for a Diamon lvl ranked game.
Thats pretty avarage for most competative games now-adays anyway.

They could ease it up, when you are Qeued for a ranked game, you can run your own custom game in the meanwhile (so when you get matched up, you just jump into the ranked game, i.e you can have a warmupgame while waiting)

might as well bind a rank to the map you’re playing also while at it. (sarcasm, bad idea)