Ranked Team will FAIL unless some changes are made. Please read devs

These changes are a must.

#1 Premade teams ONLY GET PAIRED with other premades!! NO PARTIAL premades allowed( just grey it out) . Randoms get paired with randoms ONLY. HAVE A SEPREATE QUE FOR PREMADES OR NO BUT DONT MIX IN THE SAME QUE.

#2 Punish quitters with a 1 hour time out. Have a voting system or something!! Works for other rts games.

#3. Ban the hackers . Hacks like map hack and desync or drop hack been in this game from day 1. This needs to change NOW. I see map hackers all day on Utube laughing how they cant be banned and how easy it is. Its a shame really.
100’S of anti-hack solutions out there that other games use. WHY NOT HERE?
Here on utube . see it in action 56234624535124234 - YouTube

These are the big boy steps that need to be in for team ranked to not just be a joke. I’m sure none will happen and RT will just get droped out there and cause endless “frustrations” because of unbalanced teams. I can see it already. People are going to play it 1 or 2 times and GET CRUSHED by some pro premade and stop playing.

Randoms have no chance agaist a premade team


at least, i reckon #1 is doable, and should be done before Oct 25th.

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I completely agree that TG’s especially ranked for TG’s need massive adjustments and changes and if its not going happen once ranked goes live then its even further proof that devs listen but do not think, but changing premade vs premade, solo vs solo is stupid idea.

So first. Im sole 2v2 player with random teammate with few thousand games played and I have observed matchmaking and matches a lot. By no means I have full grasp of how match making exactly works, so all my info/data is purely from observing.

  1. We do not have enough players to support solo vs solo / premade vs premade queue system. On steam charts while its by no means all the players we can clearly see that amount of players is steadily decreasing and we do not have that many players begin with and those players are split between multiple different modes between AI games to PvP and 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. So simply said its impossible to have premade / solo separate queue without heavily compromising match quality. There is no difference if premade of conqueror players face premade of silver. It will be unfair match.

  2. This also results longer queue times which results ppl more manipulating matchmaking by having lower elo account in premade to get more points and faster queue and this is already very typical and norm in 2v2.¨

While I think having surrender option and time out if you quit without surrendering could work in TG’s and should be tried, because now issue for me at least is that it takes 1-4 games in day to have leaver as ally to make me lose more points than I have gained and if same continues in ranked mode there is very little to none chance to compete to get higher ranks.

What I have seen regarding upcoming ranked, nothing indicates that devs are going to do something. They just put it together because ppl requested and thought listening is good idea and not actually thinking. Ranked TG is designed to fail and be joke begin with. There is no balance between civ comps and its impossible to balance game around 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4 and they have not made any announcement how they gonna address this issue. There are tons of different strategies in TG’s (2v2 perspective now) that don’t work in 1v1 and are not viable but because ally can compensate the weakness of strategy that strategy becomes extremely broken and way too strong. None of the patch notes are hinting that they gonna address any of the issues those the tournament for TG’s and ranked is just pure joke and there is no hope

There is some really powerfull strats out there for 4v4.
The latest one is A Rus player just massing RAM’s/ like 50 rams then unleashing on someone’s base.
Seems like it would fail but 40 to 50 rams beating down your base is no joke lol

Totally. Agree on two things.

1 .They need to make it premade vs premade only.
2. If someone leaves, split out their resources and pop cap and let the team control their units.

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