Ranked Teamgames are still unplayable - will this ever be changed?

This might read as a big cry-thread but I would honestly love to hear your experiences. It can’t be just me, who is dissatisfied with this…

So I came back after ~ 2 or 3 months of not playing AOE, just to realize that ranked Teamgames are still unplayable. I have my difficulties to believe, that nothing (nothing of the uncountable things, which are going totally wrong!!!) has changed since the last 3 monthly updates. The average waiting time for a game is still around 15 minutes (you find a lobby in ~ 5 minutes, but only every 3rd or 4th game will actually launch - the other times you will run into “error 4” or “error 5”, which seems to appear if someone of your team, or someone of the enemy team is leaving).

This all would be acceptable - not because it is really acceptable for a game you have paid money for and for a game, which exists for 20 years, but because everyone somehow is okay with it.

… but what makes it really the worst experience ever, are the countless drops ingame. It is no fun to end a game after 5 minutes because someone dropped, only to initate the above described horror-loop again. Not even a restore option was implemented so far - this is a joke. In voobly I could at least decide myself against whom I am playing - on DE it’s not possible at all.

I’m not even starting with unfair teams in this topic. A set team of four Top 500 player will obviously always beat a random team of four Top 1500 players. :slight_smile: