Ranked TG waiting time

have been waiting for over 45mins now
every 5 to 10 mins there’s a matching but people just alt F4 quiting it.

This issue has been raised by other so long time ago and sadly this is never going to improved.

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Their fault, not the game’s fault

This aside, which maps have you banned?

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Banned maps dont influence the waiting time afaik, as the matchmaking matches for elo first and only then picks a map afterwards.

I mean, if he has banned Arabia (which is like what most people want) and has a less played map as their favorite, won’t that increase the queue time?

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No, your opponent is selectes first, the map afterwards. There are 7 maps, both have 3 bans, so there is always at least one map both players have not banned.

But more players might be inclined to altF4 if they can not play arabia. Which is a Bad behaviour in my opinion.

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Problem is there is 8 or 6 players. Suppose there is 8 players and 7 of them preferred Arabia as a map. If other one player bans it there is no chance being Arabia right? I think need to ban Alt+F4 players from ranked games.

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Last night my friend and I found matches and then had them unable to connect like 5 or 6 times. We played 4 games. We only had Arena banned. I guess the oponnents were alt f4ing. It does seem like an issue.

I’d say it’s the fault of the game. People who repeatedly alt+f4 should be temporarily banned from que (even if it’s happening due to connection issues). This is standard practice for competitive games like dota 2.


Lul. Surely the more you say it the more true it will be /s


for TG, I banned MIGRATION and favrouite Arabia.

this is the game fault as this allowing playing Alt F4

if people can keep doing this, what’s the option for the favourite and banned map for?
and it’s causing others having longer time as the queue waiting is just meaningless.

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You have 1-2 ban in TGs, and the favorite map is ignored 90% of the time, the options are there because it was very easy to implement for devs but it is clearly not doing much if you want to avoid clowns

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I dont know, but you can close any program if you like. Alt F4 is just the short cut in saying that. So i am not sure what you meant with this game is allowing players to Alt F4. I also havent seens your idea on how to improve this issue. Could you explain those point a bit?

make punishment for those who quit during the civ pick, that’s very easy.

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In this weird 2020 we have come to a conclusion that not wanting to play things you don’t want because of a restrictive and bad elaborated system has to be punished, i am glad more people is doing alt f4, is too nasty to spend your reduced time playing 4 lakes, migration or nomad because some guys are stacking with friends and have banned the most competitive and playable map.

With more bans the waiting time would certainly increase but you will get the games you want to play, which at the end is better for all kind of players preferences, so you guys look a round and start pushing more map bans.


what I also suggested before is not allow the team having more bans.

This is disgusting that they already have advantages playing duo rank.

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taking the queue 30mins ago, 5 queue in a row for those quitters during civ pick.

and why all of the map giving to me is arena, black forest?
I have never matched with Arabia in these 2 days.

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I like that idea. I hate all those quitters. You sign up for a game. You know the rule set. And when you dont like the outcome, you just quit and waste the time for other players. If you dont like the rule set of ranked game, because whatever reason: Go and play in the lobby and host your own game with your own preferred rule set. You can still play such kind of games, while not wasting the time of other users.

This idea is posted many times on this forum, which suggests there is a big request to this feature. I was hoping that the big patch included some kind of system to deal with this quitters. Ashame it doesnt happen. I really hope the dev will implement some kind of punishment for quitters.

Note that not every quitter quits because of they dont like the map. There are also quitters that just quit right when the game is started, so they do lose elo. They want to drop their elo, so they can smurf. They want to play easy games and troll noobs. So it is kind of the same behaviour, but with a different goal. So losing elo as punishment isnt the solution. They just need to be banned temporarily. At least that is my opinion about this. Like i already said, i have posted this in many threads, because this issue keeps popping up. So there really is a big request to a feature like this.


havent read the whole thread so dono if its been said

1, there are a bunch of new game modes, this takes players away from the queue

2, yes arabia was favoured, but if someone else in the queue is banning it, you’re more likely to get alt F4’s.you can blame the game for not enforcing a punishment, but thats about as retarded for blaming the police when someone gets raped… IT IS THE RAPISTS FAULT (i dono why this even needs to be explained to you guys)

  1. you’re playing high elo 4v4? the queue was already slow due to small player base, devs cant magically make more players… also who knwos what time you were playing at. to make the queue slower
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If there’s no law for a country, what do you think about the criminal rates?

Yes, we should always blame the rapists, but your example doesnt really fit to this example as the game devloper is acutally having ability to stop this situation but they didnt.

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yes, dropping elo doesnt really help, but having punishment about not allow them to join the ranked queue for like 15 to 30 mins should help.

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