Ranked vs unranked

It seems i was playing unranked quickmatch instead of playing ranked. is there any difference? both of them have matchmaking and i can find 1v1 just as easily in both. does ranked have better players or something. i am guessing it shouldnt matter as once my elo/rank points have normalized i should get matched to my level of players right? why are there two modes when i can see my rank for both modes.

Yeou get rewards for playing ranked depending on what league you finish the season.
Also now you can use your main civ and strategies and play more seriously on ranked while using quick match for trying new strategies or learning new civs


Like @StatedOregon5 said, on quickmatch players now play more often for testing new builds, new civs, there is less reasons to tryhard, where ranked queue is meant to be. So now on ranked you rather face one-trick tryhards or tryhards in general, which is good btw :grin:

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I mentioned this in a couple of posts on the forum, I think what you write here should be made more clear by the game itself, or even encouraged. Somehow add more options, map filters or other elements to quick match that would not fit for ranked, but allow more control for the casual players or “strategy explorers”. Right now it’s really difficult to understand the difference for a rather casual player, especially if the rewards themself are not that motivating.

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in quick games you can try strategies and civilizations without worrying about losing games, in as rankeds you will not want to lose and they will play it safe

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