Ranked when is it coming?

Did the devs communicate with us when Ranked is coming?


January 2022? not sure

I really hope not. There’s not much reason to play for me until Ranked is in. AI is fun and all but the whole point of a competitive game is competition…

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dont you already get matched based on your elo? i dont get whats missing

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i need ranked im not that good and im getting my butt handed to me way to much id like to play ppl at the same skill level as me and that way i can get better over time.

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It already works that way - there is mmr/elo in the game. It may take 10+ games though until the game puts you in the right place.

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Isn’t there some site – I know streamers use it-- that is some unofficial rankings? You matchmake via discord or something. I’ve no idea though. Maybe look into that

There is an OFFICIAL leader based on elo: Age of Empires IV Leaderboards - Age of Empires


There’s a leader board for the truly elite and pros, but I’m not that good, most of us aren’t. We need a true ranked system to see our improvements and it’s fun to climb through the ranks. :slight_smile:

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Âż?Âż?Âż? The leader is for all. It have at the moment 11 498 people on it. When you play you are matched based on elo. The ranked tab is for the seasons when they start, but now we have a true ranked system in quickplay.


It’s good that we don’t have ranked yet.
The balance is still pretty bad and there is also the Mongol TC drop.

Maybe they heven’t even decided on a date for then they will start ranked themselves yet.

Also they don’t usually communicate anything really.

The Ai is pretty damn easy to beat as well. Even on the highest level.
Which makes coop play sadly kinda boring atm.

I can’t find myself or other people I play with on it though, so no, not everyone is on it.

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You need to have played 10 games before appearing in the leaderboard. If you have it try to copy your nick from steam and paste it in the searcher. Everybody with 10 o more games is in the leaderboard.

after you play 10 games you are on the list(using the search function). the website does need quite some time to update so you have to wait a couple of hours after playing 10 games to be visible there.

What’s the functional difference between “ranked” and what we have now? It already uses matchmaking and ratings. The ladder is on their website.

I suppose ranked may come with map banning or voting or something, but otherwise the only difference is some numbers showing up in the game.

I really want mutations like Starcraft coop has.


Well, being that the game is “released” it should be in the game at launch and not have to use a separate website for it. It is a 60 dollar game after all, not a 20 dollar game.

I just don’t understand the “no reason to play” until then statement. Like either the game is fun for someone or it isn’t. Gameplay isn’t going to change as a result of seeing the number in game vs on the website.

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Whoa. That would be pretty amazing. I think it would be cool to do a 4 player coop where you’re in the middle of a gulch, building a base and defenses, and just hold off for as long as you can.

Some people literally only play a game for the competitive nature of the game and they “need” something that reflects their efforts. I know people that HATE league of legends, but play ranked every day. – Dunno man, humans are crazy.