well well of course with a update comes along with the bugs in typical dev style
from units just stopping
to been matched with people 400 points higher
how come me a 1350s player along with another player who is 1350 tg ranks get matched with 2 players 1500+ tg ranking and 1600 1v1 ranking like in what world is this a fair matchmaking system you people continuously wreck this game i wasn’t vsing top 200 in the world last night but yet all of a sudden after this update bam i am vsing viper wannabees
and don’t get me started when you put a 500tg ranked player with high rated players thinking oh it will balance out how about you make a simple system
vs within the bracket whether you are 1300s 1400s 10 points either side of each not this queue up for 5 minutes only to get demolished only to find out we are vsing people 300 to 500 points higher maybe change their tg to their 1v1 rank what is with these people 2100 1v1 but then 1200 tg? your system is beyond flawed and since this update you have trashed ranked just for once stop stuffing the game when you update FML