Ranking / calculation of points

hi everyone,
I started few weeks ago to play ranked games.

I mostly play “team play / death combat”

I cannot understand how the number of points you will win or loose is calculated.

Sometimes I loose and I have 0, sometimes -2 and sometimes -25…
Sometimes I win and I get 2 points or 15 points or 25 points !

Can you explain to me how it is calculated ???

It depends on the ranking of your enemies ? on your game stats ? on something else ?

Thank you in advance for contributions.

This video should pretty much explain everything.

How much Elo rating you gain or lose is based on the difference in current Elo between you and your opponent. If they are much higher rated than you they will get very few points for winning, while you lose very few points for losing. But if you beat a much higher rated opponent you gain a lot of points while they lose a lot. In teamgames the Elo loss and gain is also based on the rating of your teammates. If the opponents are all ranked 100 points higher than you but all three of your teammates are ranked 300 points above them you are on the stronger team, so your rating will not increase a lot if you win.

This thread explains all, include all the flaws in the current calculation that needs to be fixed. Have a look at that thread.

This is for AoE II HD. Things are a bit different for AoE II DE. The highlights are still true, but the details are a bit different.