Ranking Every WONDER from WORST to BEST in Age Of Mythology!

Hello guys, let me introduce myself first. My name is Mike and i am a YouTuber, i decided to dedicate my channel to AOM special content, cinematics, comparison, and more.

I am planning of uploading daily, but i need your support first so we can revive AOM content on YouTube.
In this video i ranked the wonders from worst to best, which wonder you think is the best as of design and look?


Let’s discuss this here


You linked a wrong video. You wanted to link this one: https://youtu.be/bohctM2LDXY
Chinese Wonders miss several construction stages and Fuxi’s Wonder hasn’t any player color. And I don’t like their color shame. I dislike all of their Wonders, however I like the Chinese building sets. I agree with you, Atlantean Wonders have the best design.

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Thanks so much for the correction! and i also agree with what you said, Chinese is a worst mythology for me

I’ll go for the Egyptian ones, mostly the Great Pyramid of Giza

My main problem with Chinese Wonders that they use too much player colors, other Wonders use mainly neutral colors. Fuxi’s Wonder is always red like player2 , Nuwa’s Wonder is red-green, Shennong’s Wonder has too much blue like player1.