Ranking System broken?

My friends and I have a lot of fun playing this game but we like to play ranked. Every time we play, the people we play against score significantly higher than us and we always lose. We like playing the game but the constant losing makes us not want to play anymore. Why don’t we get paired against people of our similar rank?

everyone starts at the same rank. 1K. the first 10 games you play are calibration games so to speak. they throw a variety of opponents at you to try to find out where you belong.
after that as you win or lose and your ranking goes up and down more you’ll face opponents more around your skill level and you’ll level off.

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Sometimes it takes even longer than 10 games. And sometimes you just get a bad match since the opponents are smurfs or their own elo hasn’t been set. Or someone in your team is jacking the average elo up (the worst and arguably the most common case)

But either way it will eventually even out but unfortunately there will always be outliers

Did you had a look at your own rating compared to the ratings of the enemy?

Above points are all true. I will add another one:

Team game ratings are inflated and unreiable. For more info about this, go to this thread: