I would like to know why AOE 2 does not have a ranking like AOE 4.
I mean gold, silver, platinum and other leagues.
I would love to.

Is it being considered?

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Elo is already a ranking system as is, Why complicate it further? What is wrong with the current system?

This is an old system … and there is no complication … now all new games have a leaderboard, etc.

and is working fine?

and so does this one.

I would like the idea of seasons and resetts, tho. Maybe they could design some of the current eventskins as reward.

Why would i like resetts? Maybe it takes away the motivation to boost your Account over 4k elo. Maybe it won’t work but considering the fact that they are ignoring this huge issue for a long time it’s better than nothing.

there should be a team game reset period just to get rid of the inflation that happened before.


I don’t care about the number next to my name, which is why i wished they would’ve never made this change in the first place.

This boostingsystem which followed afterwards was way worse than the inflation before…and this system sucks the way it is now. Maybe there is no Inflation anymore but in which game can a diamond+player teamup with an iron/bronze player and gets on top of that the same amound of points for a win?

A 5 yo kid could come up with a better system.

Whenever u queue up and see asian names on the enemy team it’s 80/20 that 2 or 3 Players are above the team rating and the <1-1.5k Player is “surprisingly” much better than he should be

Empires Apart* had a ranking system like that. It’s weirdly motivating. Working towards 950 elo is fine, sure, but working towards two star silver pro league**, the last step before gold league, now that feels like a rewarding slog. Yes it feels a bit like you’re playing a mobile game that needs to keep your attention with something shiny in absence of good gameplay, but all the best psychological tricks still work when you know what the trick is. I wouldn’t be opposed to a system like that*** in aoe2.

*=a shortlived aoe2-inspired game from the HD era. With a bit of a faster, more streamlined, more starcrafty gameflow. Still playable today because luckily enough the devs made the in hindsight correct call to not design the mutiplayer around servers, but in a constant “one month after a big DLC and balance patch” kinda state.

**=I don’t remember the exact system. That may have been ovbvious.

***=I would be opposed if it was one of those systems where your rating resets every month so attention hungry people all over Youtube go play just after the reset to officially become the best in the world and nobody has any idea who the consistent best players are anymore, not to mention that the pro’s would be forced to smurf themselves back up through a bunch of lone sided matches that aren’t fun for anybody every month.

a ranking like in LOL will be cool

Things like leagues, batches, shields, … or what name you will give them dont add anything to the game. They are just some place holder for the elo we already have. It will only hide info we currently already have. As result it adds nothing to the game.

I also see some discussion about the current elo calculation. that is a very bad system. There are already many solutions posted in Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues.

Nah. That’s just eyewash. The Elo system is well thought through and works fine for 1v1s.
The team elo needs to be reworket so it uses an exponential average instead, but the 1v1 elo system is a good ranking method where everybody easily sees at which level of play he is.

These other ranking systems like lol etc. are intentionally designed to hide the real “level” so player can feel great even if they aren’t and give small goals to reach. But setting your own goals is actually a crucial part of life. It doesn’t help anybody to give them small goals to reach all the time, cause then they never learn to set their own goals. It’s also a marketing strat, trying to make people addicted.

As aoe2 has no micro transaction system it’s just not fitting here anyways.

They already started with rudimentary implementation of leagues, with the new medals you get next to games - Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. I don’t really know where they really show up (saw them while looking around in Spectator browser), but maybe they exist for Lobbies too.

I feel like in general though, AoE2:DE could use a heavy overhaul of the UI, and that can also include overhauls of the ranking systems, make everything much more responsive and streamlined, and even the most basic features such as adding friends is absurdly difficult to do, at least through Steam. If I went to Ranked Team Game and queued into random players who I had fun with, it’s currently so hard to add them to your Steam Friends, especially through AoE2.

I think Elo System is fine right now, League type rankings are all based on Elo anyway, just categorized into groups. The currently problem is just inflated TG ranking, and bizarre unranked rating. I wish these all got fixed so even custom lobbies can be balanced better (f.e. playing Black Forest, Arena, etc).

If you check spectator games, there are medals, bronze for more than 1k ELO, Silver for 1.3 ELO to 1.6 ELO, and gold beyond 1.6.

I am not really sure how the UI is related to the ranking system… UI means how the game look and feel looks like. It is only about how everything is presented to the user. All the math behind a rating system isnt part of the UI (afaik)…

The current inflation is the result of the old calculation and it is slowly going away. Months ago the 50% percentile was around 1500, currently it is about 1300. So inflation isnt really the main concern to me. The biggest issue is the unbalanced games, mainly because of all the smurfing to boost main acocunts. The other reason of unbalanced TGs is the result of the old badly fixed rating calculation.

I wish the devs changed the calculation to something much more meaningfull with much less flaws and reset all ladders. How to fix the calculation? Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues already contains multiple possible solutions.

Nah, I spoke more generally that it could also use an UI overhaul. Big changes come in patches, so you could also fit in there a ranking system overhaul (which depending on what’s changed how, also bring forth UI changes if there’s leagues or some other systems).