Ranks are fake

Hello, the ranking system in this game is extremely terrible. I am hoping the devs see this and make some adjustments. This is how people make rank in this game and it ruins the game.

1 player plays their main account while other high level players get on a Smurf account that is very low in rank so that it will match them with lower ranking players. They cycle through each other main accounts until they achieve their goal. They will dodge every match until they get weak opponents. Any It ruins the game guys. It is one of the reason the game is dead. Not to mention, at one point my elo was 1500 and I only got to diamond 3. Meanwhile I have encountered conquerors whose elo was as low as 1100. That just makes the entire ranking system useless. The ranks are fake at this point. You put high elo players at extremely disadvantaging odds of winning games while people with 400-500 elo lower than them are higher rank…. That’s just asinine.

Please if a dev reads this consider the following.
Increase dodging penalties to 1 week after subsequent dodges.
Match rank with elo and reset it every season.

This will fix the game and strip fake conquerors of their rank. The majority of conquerors are actually Gold 1 and 2 level and #### ###### matchmaking and ranking system allows them to climb the ladder far beyond where their skill level truly is.


I agree, this game becomes exciting when it is competitive and balanced.

It is a disappointment and a waste of time to re-host games because of member in the game who have bad deck.

It is recommended to adjust the ranking system along with the player ratings. Also it would be much better to preview decks before a game starts.

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The game as it stands gives you a 50-50 chance towards a victory … no matter how hard you try…
You could get close to 55% but that is the maximum that can be achieved the way the game is designed.

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I agree.

Facing an opponent whose level actually far beyond will crush your confidence, which might impact the new player’s passion who start to learn this game, and finally caused a bad loop constantly reducing the numbers of player.

You can build some rank level protection, to allow those players who have reached some specific level and not let them too easy to drop off from that level. Be like, someone who reached platium1 twice or more in this season, then he might have this protection when he actually drops less than 1200 scores in current season. At least, he would have two or more chance not to drop to lower level.

This protection might change those players who rather prefer use other account.

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Is this for AoE2, AoE3, or all the games in the series? AoE3 has the most smurfers.