could add ranks for age 3… we would be very happy with that, I miss the PRs


Not much point, ELO serves the same purpose. If someone tells me they’re 1500 elo I know they’re considerably above average.

Ranked games are actually much better now with the matchmaking, smurfs are much less of an issue.


I would like to see that too.
Devs could do a system that is similar to the one used in aoe4 but instead of using leagues(gold,platinum…) they can use the old rank names(captain, major…) we had in legacy and improve on them by adding speciall icons or badges to reflect these ranks.


rank has another purpose that you still don’t understand, maybe it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself.

I’ll say whatever I wish to, so you can stick that snarky comment where the sun doesn’t shine.

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