Rant - Bug - Oh my lord

Just had the most frustrating experience I literally broke my keyboard.

How can you release a product with such game breaking bugs.

  1. Trade posts should be renamed to “Mass traps of death”
  2. Attack move should be renamed to “Mass freeze of death”

None of these problems was in the original edition. How is it possible you devs can make the game WORSE. Who cares about better graphics when your game runs like poop.

None of the RTS games I have played is plagued with non functioning attack move, at this point, you’re better off just removing the function completely. This problem is most obvious when you have more and more units. They literally just freeze and stand still.

Remastered? More like demastered mate.

So bad.

Just so so bad.

I have no problems with games having bugs, but I have a huge problem with games that are released with game breaking bugs.

Terrible, just truely terrible experience.

Listen mate, stop worrying about balance at this point, worry about making the bloody game work.

You are very lucky that your clients have not spam bombed your reviews on metacritic and mass-refunded like they did with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

You are very very lucky. Because the state this game is released is almost just as bad.