[Rant] Is this really 2020 graphics?

The animated main menu is such an eye sore. Look at the girl’s shoulder, face and feet! The character models are as blocky as in some early 2000’s games. “Each texture and model has been updated” - yeah right.

The lack of detail in the outfits, the lack of depth on the ground, the sharp edges in the snow piles and in the pillar, the blurry railing and shadows and the abundant duplicate models are unbelievable ridiculous in a 4k game. I have to admit, I’m running on full HD only but these graphics are simply put insulting. Is this all DirectX11 can offer us? Graphically this game doesn’t seem like an upgrade at all.

This screenshot is raw cropped, unedited and unzoomed.

The Tantalus Studios sure need some improvement with their 3D design. Please comfort me by proving I’m wrong.

If it’s just me with my high settings. I’d be happy to take some tips on improving the game graphics.

Obviously if you cut a screenshot made from far away, it will look like that. Blurryness is a problem, try the mod that disables taa


I highly agree, units all look very boring - 3 or 4 colors only. AoE2DE did a much better job at remaking unit models, so that they actually looked appealing.

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I think the statement “Each texture and model has been updated” refers to the units, buildings and textures in gameplay. I think they haven’t updated the homecities and backdrops, and so the statement should be revised!

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What do you mean “screenshot made from far away”? This picture is not zoomed in any direction so there should’t be any loss of data. If you look at the Russian’s home city -screen, you’ll notice the cropped scene is actually quite in front of the whole scenery.

I just toom this one from one of the campaign home cities. Doesn’t look bad to me.

Basically you made a screenshot like @EntombedCurve02 but cropped on the blonde guy in the back.

Homecity also scale with your graphic settings but they are overall still not a major point of comparison if you want to compare graphics.

ithink working on customize home city is a waste of time

Yeah in many ways the new graphics are actually worse. Things are less readable and don’t even look better, just different

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i think you need a better graphic card

The graphics are bad. Really bad and that is embarrassing.

Foliage is not detailed.
Some animals are cartoonish. (Pandas)
Unit models are not well detailed.
There is a lot of inconsistency between unit icons and unit models.

AOE 2 DE has far superior graphics. How the graphics can be lower than that in AOE 3 DE is a mystery for me.

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Don’t agree. Graphic Is really good for me.