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Anyone passed Scenario 2?
I am getting heavy waves from both Avars and Germans from the very beginning, no even time to wall up, now to gether resources.
Please fix it, because it seems like a good campainge with a good topic.

thank you very much for info - may I ask what difficulty are you playing? (I was testing that with Standard or something like that and from the very beginning there should be just some small pack of Avars attacking… but maybe it’s different for other ones).
But I’ll definitely have a look on that.

Hi, I made some changes in triggers and made an “AI workaround” that should make it much easier even for hard difficulty.

@blackadderXLIV The map revealers in the third scenario should be fixed now.

This Campaign is very good, I really enjoyed the first and second mission, however!!! When i decided to take a break and save the game on the second mission during halfway to completing the second one, i reloaded and carried on where i left off, when i finally completed the mission it did not let me go to the next mission (mission number 3) because looking at this mod it says there are 6 missions correct?

@CharliieJAMES Hi, thanks for your comment - and you’re right there are six scenarios.
I’m afraid it could be some kind of bug - I’ve started a reddit channel for the campaign and someone was commented AIs in the last (sixth) scenario so I suppose the “stopping” of campaign progress is not a current normal state.
The following scenario is missing even on the campaign map - is it?