Rathas fire from Castles!

Lovely, Rathas truly are incredible all round warriors.

Wish there was a dismounted version like the ones shown in pala campaign slides.

Jack of all trades, master of none, with too many counters and not excelling in any specific area enough to justify the weakness, coupled to a civ that doesnt need them (already has a tanky CA)

That being said I do think they were an excellent addition to the game, it’s just a matter of tweaking


I honestly think the whole toggle mechanic could be tweaked for so many units that you can probably have 3 expansions of units that swap stances alone. If it’s never used again they would just be a waste of potential.

Similar to other unit mechanics, like Konnik or Custillier

They are CA unit. They should fire arrows when garrisoned.


And they fire more than arbalesters, castle gains 17 arrows when 20 arbalesters are garrisoned, castle gains 20 arrows when 20 rathas are garrisoned. :slight_smile:

One on one they beat fully upgraded elephant archers if engaged in melee, and can always switch to ranged to pick enemies afar.
And their speed also helps, none other units in that civ contain the speed and usability.
They can sprint between castle to castle, they can pick up weak units like karambit, spears, villagers in range. they can burn down buildings and siege faster in melee. It’s all about micro management. They are great fun units if used properly. And their strength matches to that of a cavalier. What else do you need.

Because they fire 2% faster?

Nope it’s actually the count of the arrows. You can see in the UI of castle itself near the attack amount sword symbol in brackets.
Villagers give the castle only 10 arrows when fully garrisoned.

I’m aware of that. Just wondering the reason behind Ratha firing more than Arbalester despite having same attack.

I would be interested to know the reason too.

Chu ko nu used to get the lowest count of arrows in HD version only 7, now it gets 18 in DE. How it works?

Not just the number of arrows but the attack amount also varies between even the same type of units.

I meant the dismounted guy of ratha would be cool. There is a mod by author amitraghata that adds more unique units to all civs. He has a concept of ratha guy getting on foot after his chariot breaks like the konnik.
Unlike getting hanged to a stirrup into death which should always happen to konnik in real life, it is much more reasonable for a chariot rider to walk down after his vehicle breaks. The unit in general looks cool as well.

Here is SOTL to save the day.


He did not explain Chu Ko Nu.

They got fixed later to count all their extra arrows. It’s possible that the system is using the melee attack or something.


He didn’t? I know what happened to Chu Ko Nu. Before LOTW, they used to shoot less arrow as their (and Kipchak) attack was calculated by their secondary arrow. Secondary arrow has only 3 pierce attack so they didn’t contribute much on extra arrow. After LOTW, their attack is calculated by all arrows.

Something to counter skirms, which the ratha doesnt.

Or an instant powerspike in castle age, which the ratha isn’t.

I think it might help if you used the wiki more. It explains how garrion dps is calculated and you can see how much bonus damage rathas take

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where do you see this? can you upload a screensoht please

The last (9th slide) of the first scenario (1. dissatisfaction) in the intro.

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