Rating calculations on aoe2 (start rating)

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I have recently played multiple games with my friends and we noticed that some players starts with different base ELO than others ? To be more specific …

Here is an ELO of a guy1 that has played 3 Solo ranked games … his ELO is almost 1.5K (top 2-3k players, if i remember correctly) + he has 1.5K ELO after 1 game in solo deathmatch …

and here is a guy who played 1 match that has 1.1K ELO …

Now dont get me wrong … i am just wondering how this works … I know that these stats are not final … but I remember playing my first ranked and being around 1K ELO … while others can start a way higher ? It seems a bit unfair, but there might be some hidden factor (i looked around but the only thing i found out was that its trying to calibrate an ELO … but the problem is … i know that the second pic (they guy with 1.2K ELO) played that ranked recently… which makes 0 sense).

If anyone can give me some better inside on how this “starting-elo” works, I would be really happy for it :).

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P.S -> fun fact … did you know that if type to all chat “blue” it gets censored ? :smiley: … kinda funny how you cant even type in a chat these days …

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How can you see the rating before 10 games (calibration)? I thought this was not possible…

If you already have a rating at another ladder, that rating will be used as base line instead of the starting value of 1000 elo.

This works also for lower ratings. So if you are a 1v1 RM player with 600 elo, the game also use this value as base line if you start team games. So it is not only starting at a higher base, but sometimes also starting at a lower base.

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Yes this is a huge problem since the tg ladder is so inflated… occasionally I get a guy with like 1900 tg who because of this weird feature has the same 1v1 rating but plays like 1300… not fun for either player

Honestly it should just be removed, just start at 1000 on every ladder

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since last month (i think) it is possible

hmmm … makes sense … but in my opinion its kind of problematic, if you think about it from TRM -> RM perspective … since its inflated, more bad players are starting at top spots … I mean … it had a good intention … but I think it just makes the whole game messy (for now, you could atleast see what type of player you are playing with … (for example … if someone had elo of 1.2K, you knew that this player knows basic build orders and knows how to react in some situations … with this … you can see a player with 900 ELO beating 1.5K ELO player (which is … lets be hones … a bit stupid … )

Anyways… thanks for clarifying it, now i know how this thingy works :smiley:

I agree with this … if you are good, you will get up the ladder in no-time

The simplest thing for it to do, if it wants to make use of the existing information on a player’s level, is to start them at the same percentile. E.g. if they are 35% of the way down the TG leaderboard, then they play their first 1v1, start them at the ELO that is 35% of the way down the 1v1 leaderboard.

You’d still have the problem that TG ratings can be distorted if people often play with teammates who are a significantly different standard, but it would at least account for the large overall differences between the ratings scales.

Starting everyone at 1000 is an option, but it means that people lose ELO when they play against a better player who is working their way up. Transferring rating across is an attempt to solve this problem.

I do understand the idea behind it. Most players will be as good as for 1v1 as they are in TG and the other way around. If you just play only 1v1 and are in top 100, you dont want those players to play 10 TG to get a rating, but still having them why below there true rating. The same is true for opposite, for bad players. I fully understand that principle and i do think it is good for the game. Players will be quicker at there true rating. If they want such system like we have, the devs need to make sure that the Highest, lowest and median rating on both ladders are the same. At this moment this is not true. The TG ratings are very much inflated.

I made this thread about the inflated TG rating. If the devs fix this inflated rating, the system will work fine.

There is also a second small issue: Premades vs solo queueing in team game.

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