(RBW spoliers) Time to ******** 11

Guess they are really good against non ranged units


Yeah they are even stronger than they were on release…


Civs, dont have strong archers and cavs have nothing vs Steppe lancers. Aztecs, goths etc cant do anything; even halbs cant deal with mass sl.

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I think this unit should be completely removed from the game since it is always too OP and impossible to be balanced.

Assuming someone won a RBW match with SL?

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Yeah, this is sort of spoiler-y even without saying anything.

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aztecs have solid castle age crossbows, this was just due to control and macro. Steppe Lancers did an amazing job all around.

Sorry about that - was just thinking about how steppe lancers work so wonderfully in that scenario, edited the title a bit (not sure if people can reference it anymore lol)

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Finally watched this match. Sad that people will actually think this way now.(even though this one was a joke)

We already have Redditers saying SL are good.

My wife was watching it as well. And immediately she’s "they should build more walls":joy::joy: Lierey was absolutely destroyed by raiding, like so many pro matches.

I know it’s very different being under so much more pressure but simple issues like walling behind an attacked wall, especially with a stone wall or immediately rewalling when you delete a big segment, stuff that “noobs” do that pros refuse to .

Then I go over to aoe4 and you see how effective walls actually are, when people use them(although there they’re over tuned)