RE: The new Indian Flag is Problematic and Arguable

The problem isnt to debate how great one or two of the 6 emperors were. The problem is to recognize that the Mughals were Mongol origin INVADERS of India. Their goal was to assimilate India into their culture - not celebrate India’s culture. Regardless of religion - in the game they are called Indians. Dont call them that then.

Call them Mongols or Moghuls. Give them only the moghul imagery/architect/ Fatephur Sikri, mansabdari, etc.

If you call a civ India, give them gurkhas, mahout lancers, AND urumi along with mansabdars - give them a fusion flag because you are FUSING like 6 different cultures.

The MOST LAUGHABLE part of the game? - Sacred Cows and Brahmin Explorers would have been SLAUGHTERED or never given such high roles by most of the Moghul rulers except for Akbar and Shah. As for the greatness of Akbar? Sure fine leader choice but a tyrannious dictator like Aurangzeb ruined the flag enough to not warrant its use. Thats my point.

Im sure every genocidal faction in history had some “good people.” My point is Gurkhas, Rajputs(except for a short time under Akbar because he married into them), Brahmin Explorers, and Urumi would have never fought under a Moghul flag. Thus why in the game? Give it the older historically murky yellow flag or give it a independence movement flag like in the campaigns.

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Sure! Khanjar/Kataar/Dagger!? Does that satisfy you ? The point being Rajputs were more melee inclined and believed in a Fair and One to one fight! and their most tales include the use of melee Weapons!

But the flag should be changed!

Yes indeed!

Coz unlike western cultures! the societal and cultural aspects and values are very different in the east! And the concept of materialism/invading/exploring outside were never a need or will. the subcontinent was mostly self satisfied in itself, so was Asia. Untill the Greed Ruined many societies.

Guess what!? More Tolerant is not equals to Tolerant, and that tolerance was also result of him being maried to Rajput Princess Jodha Bai, which influenced his understanding of Native culture and aspects broadly!

Lol, they seemed to be spiritual but felt half baked! I find Brahmans Dialogue more correct n fitting though

then ull be in minority of infuriateds

as a military leader and skill level he is fine enough. Though he wasn’t all white washed! but yea he turned from being worse, to , less bad, in his duration, due to some good influence and his own curiosity n skill.



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This is why I think players should have a selection of flags they may have use withing the game’s timeframe, depending on Civilization. Pick all possible flags that may have been used by the people of that era, instead of limiting them to that of a single state.

In the case of India, they could give them the option of using flags used by the Mughals, Mysoreans, Marathans, Sikh, etc. That way everyone can choose what they want without depriving others.


Pata was used by rajputs also. Don’t depend too much on Wiki. Even that flag page, its not accurate.

None of the Mughal rulers were beloved my majority of Indians, imo. The records are from Mughal courts which only show them in positive light. All of them exploited Hindus.

The Marathas and Shivaji Maharaj are descendants of Maharana Pratap. They have full lineage records. That’s why weapons are similar. In any case neither Rajput, Mughal or Marathas ruled over complete India during that time. It was Britishers.

Coming back to topic. I don’t really care about the flag. Or Brahmins as explorers. It’s a game.
If allowed to tweak. I would rather have the heavy infantry multiplier removed from Mahouts to make them proper lancers. And artillery multiplier removed from zamburak. So that the camel and Elephant units have unique roles.

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TRUE! Too much of false info online especially regarding India and then far second ,china following after

Off-Topic : On that points : according to legends Marathas and Rajputs, each belong to Warrior clans of Luv and Kush each.

I literally heard a very good pro player n friend, that if this flag continues he will not switch to DE, and probably will continue on legacy , he also dont have a great PC but he not even want to try

Good for your friend, although I am not sure how different legacy flag is to DE. I am an indian too and in no way think the current flag is wrong or problematic. Devs had to chose a flag amongst multiple cultures that have had kingdoms and dominions of indian subcontinent. They chose the one which best fits the time period. We will never be able to settle on one, given none of them will ever be representative of whole India.

Dude, I am from India too. In no way I find the flag offensive because it’s just a video game. There’s no content in the game that could really hurt any Indian sentiment. I think one of the reasons why they chose a Mughal flag is because they’ve had the 3rd longest reign after Maurya and British empire and also they suit the timeline that this game takes place (15th to 19th century) and also the AI character for India is Akbar, who is a Mughal emperor. Although, this game represents India as British Raj at best, they can’t just add that flag because it has to be represented as an independent civilization. The game needs all of its bugs fixed first. Don’t make a huge mess out of these things. If you or your friend want to play with a different flag, just use the flag maker.



@BonnyMountain91 this was the one from legacy! Fairly UNarguable ! in legacy 2005 they changed the flag to this, for almost the simmilar reasons! I still would chose this one OR any freedom fighter one(as per the India campaign of the game) than a pseudo-saffavid flag to represent the whole Indian Sub-Continent!

No one/even most Indians can’t ever identify India, with current Indain flag!

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I believe that India should be totally redesigned, being such a large and diverse country with such a complex history, it is very difficult to establish a single entity that represents them all and above all include its entire historical spectrum from the Mughal empire to the East. India Company, is like trying to bring together all the native peoples of North America in a great civilization, it would be impossible for everyone to be happy and accurate.
Later, perhaps in new expansions, it would be convenient to divide the civilization into 2 or 3 different civilizations, in my opinion the Mughal empire and the Maratha confederation with different mechanics and units, and that the sepoys and gurkhas are mercenary units.

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