Reach for the Stars - Day 2 - Train 10 Villagers

The Clock is Ticking Challenge - Train your first 10 villagers with less than 30 seconds of Town Center idle time.

I have been using the Huns (no houses to build), gathering the live stock and making as many villagers as fast as I can. And I have been unable to complete the challenge.

Does anyone have any suggestions or a walkthrough on how to complete this challenge?

I havent tried it, but i would just start as Huns on DM settings, so lots of resources at the start of the game. You can instantly queue 10 vills. And i assume you triggered the challenge after creating the 10 vills. So when you reach 14 population.


Thank you for your reply. That’s very much what I did to achieve the challenge. Huns, Ultra High resources and queued up 10 villagers. Boom, got challenge.

I miss-read the challenge and assumed that when I got a total of 10 villagers, the challenge was over. Not. The challenge was to create 10 new villagers. Not just 6 more.