Real world maps

I think that’s one of the best features in AOE2. Don’t know why no following games have such an option anymore.
Yes you have maps with real world names and themes in AOE3…but they are still circular, symmetric, “fair” maps. What I’d like to see is maps based on real world geography.
With AOE3’s system it can be even more enriched: such as realistic trade routes and native settlements representing real world cities.

Such maps are not balanced of course. But who cares. I don’t think anyone would want to play ranked in AOE2 on the real world maps.


I think the Historical maps somewhat go into that direction but in a different way.

But yes, real world maps would be nice but not sure how they would work for AoE3.
Would the whole topography be fixed and resources, including forest, be randomly generated?
Could they scale with player number?

AoE3 didn’t use real geography for it’s campaign missions either, or if it did it was some very small scale.
AoE3 doesn’t have smaller maps then AoE2 but it usually depicts a smaller scale conflict.
In AoE2 you often have scenarios that cover a huge area with multiple major cities and so on.

But I think AoE3 has a big potential for real world maps, especially if you add a few things from the historical maps.
Having a few special places based on real locations on a map that do something could spice up real world maps compared to normal random maps.

For example you have an Italy map with city states instead of settlements of minor civilisations.


Embora possam argumentar sobre questões de equilíbrio, eu adoraria jogar num mapa do cone sul da América do Sul que se estendesse desde o estuário do Rio da Prata até costa chilena, claro com o estreito de Magalhães ao Sul…
Há tantas possibilidades de mapas legais seguindo a ideia de uma representação real.

AOE3 has the potential to scale bigger though that’s why I’d like to have bigger, real world maps.

AOE2 though being “larger” also deal with three or four TCs plus one or two castles most of the time.

Such maps can either be fixed (with a set of fixed spawning points) or have slight variations in the assets like animals and resources (trees should be fixed though).

My main reason for this is I’m a little tired of fully symmetric “fair” maps. Yes they are good for pvp and AOE2 also has a lot, but sometimes I just want to make do with whatever I’m spawned with though it’s not fair.

Some historical maps with assymetric teams (like Great Turkish War and Eighty Years War) is a small step towards this. But within the teams they are still symmetric.

I just made the surprising discovery that AoE1/2 maps way more often represent real geography in a larger scale then AoE3 maps.
One reason is that the first AoE3 campaign was fantasy, while the second and 3rd ones where half fantasy.

Some of the Historical Battles try to represent more historical geography like the Raid on the Caribbean one.
But most literally just represent a single battle so they focus on a small area like a single town or field somewhere.

AoE3 missions are a lot more mechanics focused then AoE2 ones. AoE1 ones don’t even have triggers so they don’t have many options.

On the other side most random maps are semi real world maps.
They are all based on a real location and the typical geography of the area.
The Great Lakes map doesn’t represent the shape of one of the actual lakes but it has a big lake in it and so on.

So anyway. I think the potential is there.
I think there are a few things holding Real World maps back but I think there are a lot of interesting options to make makes based on real geography that make you feel like you are actually fighting in those places.
I think real world maps would need a few unique locations that give you certain things for controlling them. Some can be represented by existing things like trade routes, minor civilisations settlements or captureable buildings, but for some things they would probably have to add new things to the game.

The Carpathian map will be very very difficult to real. I frankly do not like the current version with rocks, there must be at least hills if not mountains. But maybe it is will be looks ridiculous in terms of gameplay.

I just want Australian maps with drop bear treasure guardians.

I want to see some ‘Helms Deep’ equivelent team maps set in Real World locations.

For example the Siege of Gibraltar - one team start in a heavily defended Gibraltar and other team over the Spanish border with more resources.

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