Really always a different map in PvP


I heard somewhere that perhaps every battle in PvP multiplayer should have a different map.

Really? Seriously.

That would be great for me !!! Cool.

And what do you say to that?

The only RNG you will have will be in map generation. Location of gold , stone and such. Still wonder about the sizes how “big” it wel actually be.
But i’m glad its random generated. Not static maps they premade that people will have a specific tactic on.
Now everyone needs to adjust their gamestyle according to the map.

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I really like the idea.

It couldnt have been different, AoE has always had random generated maps.

Apparently they’ll support pretty big maps. According to interviews players from the community counsel had to ask for a additional smaller map size because the smallest they had was too big for high-level 1v1.

they have stated in the nili interview there will be random generated maps

skip to 12:30 min

I couldn’t imagine an AoE without randomly generated maps, it has always been the case; exploration and adapting is one of the key elements of AoE.

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