Really Dumb question How do I set up a Single player game starting a Nomad

Been playing AOE since it was released in the 90’s, The last time I really played was on AOE3 and just picked up the AOE2 DE and for the life of me I cannot figure our how to set up a single player game and start as a Nomad. I have been pouring over Google and can’t find out the “How to do it” just the “How to Play it” All the tips in the world are useless if I can’t start a game. thanks

Wow, didn’t think was a hard question… Should I have asked this in another forum?

I think only maps with a barefoot icon on them have a nomad start

Unlike AoE3 (where you can choose to start as nomad) this is not possible in aoe2. Instead it is hardcoded into each map whether or not you start with a town center.

Thanks for the update.