Really feel like we need a speedy hotfix for a few things from the last patch

I sort of assumed these things were coming soon but it’s been 2 weeks now so I am going to complain:

-TC hitbox is massive, when you’re raiding with cav in enemy’s base its impossible to click vills or units to attack near the TC. It’s also very hard to click hunts with your own vills when near the TC.

-this new ping/flare system is SO ANNOYING if you’re a player who uses alt+right click to attack move, or alt to check the hp of units or deer. It makes a huge thing pop up in front of your face and renders the action that you’re trying to complete impossible, at the worst possible time (when you’re about to take a fight). Please, just give us a way to disable it, or at least change the key its bound to. Alt already has other very important functions.

-African civs are unplayable since there’s still a bug that reduces the amount of wood you can trade for a cow when the game starts. This was acknowledged as a bug during the March PUP but it somehow still made it into the game for the real patch. It renders these civs impossibly slow in early game making them non-competitive.


I can see everything the enemy team is saying and flaring…

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I would be very disappointed if the hotfix is not released today before weekend. Those 3 issues you mentioned seems very easy to fix compared to performance issues from the previous patch. I just hope it is taking so long because devs are fixing some other issues too.

I personally played only one game since last patch because hitbox issue was too annoying for me. Still waiting for the fix.

The updates for agede 2 and agede3 have been delayed due to waiting for the new patch for Age of Empires 4. You can see the progress of the daily updates on steamdb.


Really? Dang, that’s pretty cool (about being able to see the progress that is).

I don’t think AOE3 and AOE4 are depended on each other in terms of patch releases. They have different developers:
AOE4: Relic Entertainment, World’s Edge
AOE3DE: Tantalus Media, Forgotten Empires


If the games share the same backend then it might make sense to avoid overloading.

But then again aoe4 isn’t exactly top popular game either…

Its more of a corporate decision to hold back the update from Microsoft than a matter of workforce…

With AoE4 not doing as great as they would have wanted, they might want to promote the AoE4 update more and hold the others back.

Specially since people have been saying stuff like “Omg AoE3 devs are sooo good. AoE4 devs are lazy.”

Just speculating tho…

Also World’s Edge manages all AoE games. Yes, all of them.


If this is really the case and we are not receiving a HOTFIX for 2 weeks (or more) because of the political decision like this, it is even worse news. I hope it is not true.

AOE3DE devs are delivering a lot of content every month. They should not be stopped or delayed.

I also hope this is not true.

But on steamdb I always see updates being made to AoE3DE, they are just not public yet.

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Copium: there are working on something big


Can’t let the AoEIV update consisting of things the game should have had upon release get outshined by the other games. Then again this is simply a hotfix we were anticipating, not a full-on patch. I’m kind of worried about what is going on internally with Tantalus/FE. This patch was rushed out with many reported PUP bugs making it into the final build. The devs were in a good groove for a while there.

Microsoft likely sees AoEIV as the future of the AoE franchise. So there’s that.

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Problem is that they wanted AoE4 to be everything at the same time…

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Works on potato machines
  3. Satisfies AOE2 fans
  4. AAA game
  5. Simple mechanics
  6. Complex Strategies

You can’t be everything at the same time …

  1. Tried to cater to both single players and esports but both are unhappy. :grimacing:
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The primary failure really is that filter that washed out colors. Increasing contrasts will quadruple the player base.

And increasing zoon.

I feel like I’m missing something. I have seen no change in the tc in relation to attacking or defending it. What is the hotfix that is needed for?

I mean if by trying to cater to single players means having a campaign, then ok.

But a campaign will soon be over.

They should have realized that having a functional skirmish AI is more important.

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