Recommendations for Land Nomad

We thought that the classic Land Nomad would be added to the game when the first announcement was made, we were wrong and a completely new map was released.
It is a good development to start with enough wood for TC and maintain the balance between civilizations.

However, while removing the imbalances in the classic map, some features that make the map fun and playable have also been lost.
-The villagers start the game very far from each other.
- Accordingly, the team together option also doesnt work.
- The player who appears in the middle of the opponent’s town is forced to fight chaos. The same is true for the opponent.
- Limiting boars and sheeps resources and lowering the number of deers slows down the game that needs to speed up. It seems, it is based on the food resources in the nomad map, but it should be reminded that there is no water in the land nomad.
(if this is the intended purpose)
- As in the classic map, there should be 3 + 1 boars and 8 deers per each player. Also more sheeps should be added to the map for scouting.

I think the map will be even more fun if the specified improvements are made.


Sorry; can you make the post a little bit clearer about what features were in the classic map, what features are in the current map, and what you want back? In particular, I don’t understand whether you’re saying the villagers were farther from each other in the old map and you want them to be farther in the current map, or villagers are farther in the current map and you want them to be closer. Similarly, are you asking to increase the number of boar and sheep, or to decrease?

I was confused because I’m not sure if the list is a list of features that were lost, or a list of features that you want to remove, or a mix of both. It would be great if you end your post with a list of clear suggestions for the current map, like

  1. Make each player’s villagers start closer together
  2. Increase the number of boar and sheep
  3. Make teams start near each other in team together.

^ This is just an example list; I’m not sure if these are what you actually wanted.


yeah you basically didnt do this at all… please try again

atm i think land nomad is very skewed towards mongols due to it being consistently easier to find deer… it feels like there might be tons of sheep, but its way too random whether they’re actually found or not, compared to the deer. also no berries isnt great…

besides for that i really like the map, i enjoy the level of diversity it adds in TGs compared to “the opponent will 80% likely wall and FC” yawn

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Thanks for the answers. It is a little difficult for me to express this issue in English. Sorry for mixed and inadequate expression. However, you have identified some issues correctly.

“1. Make each player’s villagers start closer together” yes!
“2-Increase the number of boar and sheep” not exactly. just distribute the boars in groups of three. but yes the number of sheep should increase.
“3-Make teams start near each other in team together.” exactly.
(I agree with phoenix1089 about berries. There are berries in classic map also)

But I think I can express much more easily what I want to tell from the sample games in youtube links. So you can understand me more easily, especially if you pay attention to villager spots and food resources on the videos.

You can also find the most played version of the classic map in the link below.

First of all i would like to thank all participants who spend effort on new game and also newly added map LAND NOMAD.
I generally agree with the recommendations of Yattaraa.
Almost all of the games I’ve played as a former aoc player are land nomad. Although I have a steam account, the reason I am still not on this platform (also some friends) is because land nomad not exist. I am very pleased to add this map, but some new features provide more fun, while others did not.

Features open for improvement;

  • villager spawn is not like the old land nomad. Center point of 3 villagers should be in a row with team players and should be located close to the food area. This is important to prevent too early fight a war.

  • The number of sheeps in the game can be slightly increased. strawberries can be added. There should be 4 boars for each player (food area). 3 together 1 seperate located is ok as on the old map. But it is not a must to place 3-1. Total 4 boars is ok per player. I prefer the number of deer as 7-8.

I want to start playing the new game very much, but as I said, my favorite map has some deficiencies. I hope improvements on these will be made soon.

Kind regards,

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The main thing I don’t like about nomad map is that you get villagers all over the map to start with. I’d rather you just get 3 villagers all starting in the same place, and you need to venture out from there to find where you want to make your first town center.

I think the map is totally fine like it is at the moment, just two things could be adjusted:

  • more sheeps; sometimes it is really difficult to find them
  • 4 deers/batch, not three

Would feel more nomadic and adventurous to start with all your villagers in one spot, since you’d have to explore a bit to find a decent spot; rather than having 3 spots already shown to you that you can then explore individually to quickly see a bunch of the map. Add on top of that exploration from all the sheep you find, and you get an exponentially rapid exploration of the map; which is counter to how I feel a nomad map should make you feel. I’d think being a nomad should make you feel you’re slowly venturing out into the unknown. Instead, the map is spoon-fed to you.