Recommended system requirements on Steam for AOM:R are nonsense

It looks like copy-paste from AOEIV recommended requirements but still - it’s on official site.

Devs told us that they will be implementing Ray Tracing so how could you possibly run it on 970 GTX?

There are 3 options. These system requirements are bullshit or there is no Ray Tracing or this is just a place-holder.

Developers should specify on what settings + resolution and with how many FPS you can play on that rig.

The recommended hardware requirements for AoE3DE are higher, which is kinda strange since they are using the same engine and AoMR looks like it’ll have more effects going on.
It requires DX12 and a CPU mit AVX though.
Which is kinda strange.

Raytracing is still mostly a meme. It halves your FPS even on the best machines so it’s rarely worth it.
So it does make sense to ignore that feature in the recommended specs.
Recommended usually doesn’t mean everything maxed out.

Even the best computer will still struggle at a 4v4 Treaty game in AoE3DE so if you want to be able to get the best out of the game you can’t have a computer that is good enough.

But you are probably right with the copy paste from AoE4. AoE3DE doesn’t require AVX but AoE4 does. It would make little sense for AoMR, which uses the AoE3DE engine to require it too.
Unless they ported over the AoE4 path finding algorithm, which they can’t back port to AoE3DE since that would make the game incompatible with the hardware of some people that already bought the game.

Right. They don’t seem to be realistic even with excluding RT features. It’s 2024 and they are listing 2015 mid-tier GPU.

AoMR should run on the same kind of machine that AoE3DE runs on.

The game still uses an old engine after all. Just with some nice effects added ontop.

I’d expect the ray tracing will require an RTX or similar card to be enabled. The requirements could be plausible for non-raytraced graphics. Some of the visuals of AoE3 DE seems to have been disabled or simplified in retold. For example, AoE3 DE has very detailed, shadow casting grass which greatly affects performance. The grass in retold seems less dense and does not cast shadow. The water ripple effect has been disabled. The rest of the visuals look similar to AoE3 DE. The updated particle system was added to AoE3 around a year ago too.

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Maybe someone on forum has 970 GTX that could tell how it runs AOE3:DE today on 1080p

Yes, for me they are not going to move much from the requirements of AoE 3 DE in terms of graphics and performance… I am satisfied if I can move Retold at least 20 FPS and 1080p…