Recorded games

I am a new new youtube uploader that makes bad content… I want to improve and I was hoping to find recorded games of players that are not in the top 200?

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Go and find a profile at
After the players in a game you see a small cloud with a arrow down. If you click, then you can download the save.

Note: There isnt always a save game available, so maybe you need to try it multiple times to find a save.

ow wow this really helps thank you. I have this horrible channel in which I want to support noobs in posting age videos with unique strategies… I am still rather bad at video editing but I really appreciate all the support and help from this community.

If you have some time give it a watch my channel is called poop lord. Also if you have a good game rec please send it to me I would love to cast one of your games. my email is on my youtube profile.

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