Recorded games

I am running AOE 2 de on win 10. I have noticed my games being recorded. I would like to be able to disable the option to stop recordings. The only option i can find is the option to uncheck stop campaign recordings, which does not do anything. Is there someway to disable recordings. help appreciated.

You can easily disable it for single player when you start a game and pick your settings.

For multiplayer it is a different story: All ranked games will be recorded. You cant change this at all.
For games in the lobby it is up to the host. The host decides if the game will be recorded or not for everyone.


Thank you for the reply. I am using the xbox beta app on win 10. I only ever play against the pc. I started a game against the pc and unchecked the record game option, and it still recorded. Started another new game up and switched the net off by the router, and it still recorded. Seems i have to accept the fact it records every type of game i play.

Sounds like a bug to me. Maybe report it, including a screenshot of the lobby checkbox you disable before a match starts?

Search the forum first in case it has been reported before, where you can just add your example