Red-Green Color Weakness


I have a Red-Green Color Weakness (not blindness). Most of the Time i dont notice that i am affected by it in any way. But there is one thing that i really have trouble with: Its the distinction between the green and yellow player color in the game. Both colors are very bright and similar to me. I had the same issue in AoE2 too. Its not impossible for me to distinguish them but in some situations i found myself to mix them up.
White and Teal is also a little bit harder for me but doesnt really matter since white are dead players only and dont matter anyway.

According to Wikipedia nearly 9% of Men have Red-Green Color Weakness or Blindness. So in theory there should be more people like me having this problem so i created this post to see whether there are more people that have trouble with telling the diffrence between those 2 player colors.

If this is the case i would suggest some ways to solve this problem:
-make the green color less bright (more like a dark green)
-change one of those colors entirely to sth. like orange, brown, dark grey or even black (black would be badass)

At least to have an option to turn one of my solutions on and off would be nice!
Maybe even let you chose 8 custom colors by yourself in the settings if this is sth that can be easily done (playercolors arent baked in into the unit textures are they? so they should be very easy to customize) so players with other color weaknesses can decide what colors they can differentiate the best!

I tried setting up my monitor or windows settings to help me with that but that makes most other colors not look “real” anymore for me and just makes it look worse. its weird when a picture looks very different than the reality.

You might wonder why yellow and green? I dont know either. red and green is no problem to distinguish. it really is green/yellow and teal/white in this case. I guess i got weaker sensitivity for the green color.

Ty for reading :slight_smile:

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