Red Palace is ridiculously small

Why is this thing so small? Here is the image compared to a keep and walls. It has the same tile-size than a keep but is like 50% smaller. It looks like a dwarf keep or something. Looks like the dev who was in charge of integrating it just forgot to rescale the model. Compare the top of the towers with arrowlist, they are meant to look similar but one is just scaled down like crazy, while the other is normal size.

Also see how much empty space there is between the model and the edge of the selection size. The keep has almost no empty space. I think it would make sense to scale up that model so it doesn’t look so ridiculously small.


It does look a bit on the small side in contrast to the keeps. Although had it been scaled properly, it’d pretty much be what I imagined “Castles” would be in AOE4. Wish they would have gone in that direction instead of using the same layout for all the Keeps.

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come think it, it should be made a 5x5 building so to fit more buildings in than keeps… since french is already kinda the worst civ at present

My friend! That’s one of the lesser problems with scale in this game.

I mean, I agree that Red Palace looks ridiculous, but all buildings and units seem to have been created by different teams with no communication between them until the final game and they all said “well damn”.

to be honest i never thought aoe4 graphics to be that terrible. i prefer it over aoe2 cartoonish graphics, but certainly we’re talking about different eras. i play the game for the strategic factor, more so than perfect graphics.

but then again, if i were to visit an art museum i wouldn’t know how to appreciate a davinci painting.

Well i didn’t notice the other ones, maybe i just care less about graphics. But the problem with the Red Palace is that it`s not just graphics. It doesn’t look like a keep so sometimes it almost feels like its a normal landmark without defensive powers so it kinda affects gameplay visibility.

i personally find it easy to notice a red palace and im not a very visual / artistic person

but true in that given its the most powerful keep, i dont see why it should be smaller than mali/otto’s landmark keeps.

with french already being so weak, it should get some extra ‘range tiles’ at the very least for buildings such that we can fit more stables/archeries in than regular keeps.