When trying to build a trading post using the RED SEA WAGON they just idle near the trading post without building it.

please see attached img.

Hi @xitaxuta5201, could you let me know which map this is occurring on? Thank you!

all maps that have Sudanese Settlements

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This is happening to me in every african map i play (i have only played african maps since the dlc release)

I’ve noticed the wagon tends to go to the corner of the socket every time, if I move it to the side and click it to build, it works.

I’ve also managed to get it to work but only after 100 right clicks … the wagon kept spinning around the tp… and eventually started building… but its very buggy… hopefully is an easy fix

I have the same issue with Inca travois every now and then. The immedate solution is to redirect the wagon just a tiny bit and to make it build again.

It works quite well when you know how. That said, this is a reoccuring issue which should be fixed globaly.

i had that bug today and the simpliest solution was to move it to go from the other angle, not hiting the corner of the trading post

Yes, this seems to be related to the angle at which the cart goes into the trading post. Going on side opposed to the native building (that would be perpendicular to the trade road) usually seems to fix the issue.