RedBull Announces AoM RE Tournament

RedBull has announced AoM Retold tournament ! So I guess the release should be around aug / sept !


Let’s pray to the AOM RE gods for a public beta soon.


Does that mean AOM RE might get a release date soon?


Most likely it was in September before RBW…the original AoM had come out at the end of September 2002…

The original but we already got proof plenty of times that companies don’t really care about such things. It gets released when it’s ready, when the financial plan comes to an end and when they think it’s a good time in general.

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The only releases announced for this year (which have not yet premiered) during the “New Year, New Age Livestream” are AoM: Retold and the Baltic DLC for AoE 3.

Since AoM: Retold is to take part in the October tournament, it means that the game may be released even during the holidays - taking into account the fact that patches of possible errors may be necessary before this event. It is possible that the AoM beta will be available soon, maybe even in May!

Taking this step further, the Baltic DLC for AoE 3 could premiere in October - in exchange for this game being omitted from the tournament… However, we don’t know anything about the immediate future of AoE 2, although some DLC will definitely be released this year - or maybe even two xDDD. AoE 4, on the other hand, promises to be the most boring of the entire series in this year, as nothing cool has been announced for it - the development of this game is so laborious that it discourages anyone from thinking about this game.

If retold will be in the tournaments which are it seems in October it has to be release before October obviously.
Since the playerbase has to be not only familiar with the game but also have heard from it soon enough before tournaments it really has to come out at least early September. So let’s say early September. And if there will be a playable beta then it should be at least 2-3 months before release to fix most issues. Which would make July or June very possible. In June many new and upcoming games get announced.
So I personally think we get a official gameplay announcement with release date in June, a playable beta soon after - if this happens and a release around September at least a couple of weeks before tournaments.


Yes, you are right, maybe it will come out in October when it is ready and the Baltic dlc of AoE 3 DE will come out in October during the RBW as if apologizing for not being in the RBW (I don’t like that one anyway)…


At last! A possible release date! PROSTAGMA!